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5 Common App Activities List Tips

today’s five tips friday this is five common app activities list quick tips let’s do it roll credits writing your activities list for the common app is actually one of the hardest parts of the comm app in large part because it’s so short so it’s deceptive because you can obviously write it really quickly but when it comes down to the nitty gritty of actually doing a really good job of it.
5 Common App Activities List Tips

and doing it in the best way to maximize your chances of really getting an admissions officer’s recognition and attention to get into the school of your dreams it’s actually pretty difficult so we’ll just start with these five tips if you want to learn more and you want to talk one on one of the crimson academic expert who can tell you exactly what you need to do based on your own extracurricular profile.

click one of the links below and you can connect with them but let’s start with the tips tip number one is simply concision here’s the thing you only have 10 activities and for each activity you have 150 characters 150 words but 150 characters that is super super short so in that amount of space you need to be really concise and you need to really really focus.

on the impact of your words you can’t have any filler words you can’t dilly dally around what the activity is and the impact that you had on that activity you need to be concise write out a bunch of different versions of what you could say about your impact within that activity in exactly 150 characters and you only get those 10 activities in terms of exactly how to choose.

which words and characters to use that’ll come up in tip number three but first tip number two order matters plain and simple the order of your activities as you list them on the common app matter so start with the thing that’s the most important to you and most important to the story that you’re trying to tell that doesn’t necessarily mean choose something.

that feels like it’s the most important or impressive let’s say you do national honor society and that’s something that you’ve been told is really really important but you actually spend more time passion and energy on uh your debate club then put debate club higher focus on the story that you want to tell in your entire uh application essay.

as a whole as a cohesive story and start with what’s the most important to you tip number three and this brings back to what i was saying before about how to select your words and those 150 characters focus on your impact rather than just telling us what you do in that activity if you tell us for example that you’re the vice president of your school’s chess club.

you don’t need to describe what a chess club does and uh admissions officers want to understand that talk about your impact within the club what have you done in your short time in that leadership position what initiatives have you led and what do you personally contribute to the larger activity to the larger club to the larger internship job.

whatever it may be focus on your impact that’s what’s more important than describing what happens for tips four and five i’m actually going to talk about two different possible approaches to your activities list so tip number four is the first possible approach which is story consistency the approach of story consistency essentially means that if in your common app personal statement.

which we’ll be having a lot of videos about pretty soon um if in that personal statement you talk about an activity that is listed in your extracurriculars list list it high talk about how big of an impact it it has had on you bottom line the story consistency approach means that if you talk about an activity as really really important to your life in the personal statement or elsewhere.

in your supplemental essays then show that consistency list it high in your extracurriculars list that way an admissions officer can really really see how important that activity or those activities are to you tip number five is the second possible approach to the activities list which is to highlight something about yourself..

that we don’t see in the rest of uh your application so if you don’t use your personal statement or your supplemental essays to talk about certain activities really really highlight them in the list let’s say your common app personal statement has to do with a childhood story doesn’t really talk about what it is that you do after class.

on weekends during summers um then the extracurricular list is a really good opportunity in that case to show us different parts of your personality different ways that you are spending your time while it is true what i said before that your entire college application should tell one cohesive story about who you are it’s quite true that you’re not going to talk about all of the activities.

that you do in your supplemental essays in your common app personal statement that kind of thing so this approach uh uses the activities list to tell us about those other facets of your life those other hobbies that you may have or simply a summer job that you had or a research assistant ship that you had that you didn’t have a chance to go in depth on in a different part of your application.

so essentially this other approach um highlighting something else about yourself versus you know story consistency or tip number four essentially is to say that um you can use your activities list to um talk about those smaller aspects of yourself that aren’t necessarily a part of your core narrative but as you’re doing that keep in mind.

that second um tip about how order matters do the most important activities at the top of the list and um on that third tip about how you want to focus on the impact that you have rather than simply describing it all right so those have been five tips as you can even tell from those tips there’s different approaches that can be taken to crafting.

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