Alparslan Episode 27 in Urdu & English Subtitles Free


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Alparslan Episode 27
Alparslan Episode 27

AlpArslan Episode 27 in Urdu & English Subtitles Free

AlpArslan Episode 27 in Urdu & English Subtitles Free

Did you know that according to Herodotus   the ancient Egyptians mourned  their pets as they did people? today’s artical is all about   seven of the most surprising stories  from Herodotus’ Histories.Herodotus was a Greek writer who  lived in the middle of the 5th century BC. He was   born around 484 BCE; probably in Halicarnassus in  Asia Minor, and he died at some point between 425   and 413, possibly in the Greek colony of Thurii  or by the plague in Athens; we aren’t really sure.  

He’s known as the ‘Father of History,’ which was  a title first given to him by the Roman orator Cicero for his famous work “The Histoires. We  don’t know a whole lot about his life but what   we do know is that he was born into a wealthy,  aristocratic family and his skill in writing   suggests he was very well educated he wrote in  Ionian Greek, he was clearly a very well-read man   and his ability to travel seemingly at  will, as documented in his “Histories”,   suggests he was a man of some means.

Since his  writings of battle are quite precise and always   told from the point of view of a foot soldier  it’s thought he may have served as a Hoplite. Herodotus’ “Histories” is a nine-book tome which  provides a detailed account of the Greco-Persian   wars, as well as observations and stories from  his travels to Greece, Egypt and Asia Minor. As   Herodotus puts it at the very beginning of  his book: “Herodotus of Halicarnassus here   presents his research so that human events do  not fade with time.

Than the great and wonderful deeds – some brought forth by the Hellenes, others  by the barbarians – not go unsung; as well as the   causes that led them to make war on each other.Certainly he was not an impartial observer and often included his own personal opinions on  various customs, people and events; although   some of the information has been challenged  as exaggerated or incorrect, which can in some   instances should be attributed to translation issues, is still recognized as the father of history with many of his accounts being confirmed by  archaeological evidence.

So then, on we go into   seven of the most entertaining and somewhat  weird stories from Herodotus’ “Histories. Our first tale comes from Book One  and plays out in multiple stages;   let’s call it all the times that Croesus, King of  Lydia misinterprets the Oracle of Delphi.Croesus the King of Lydia thinks he can to take on the Persian Empire and so he devises   the plan to test all of the different Oracles.  The Oracle that correctly recounts what Croesus   was doing would be the one he believed.

Only  the Oracle of Delphi prophesied correctly that   he was cooking hard shell tortoise and lamb  meat in a bronze cauldron with a bronze lid,   so after sending rich gifts to the Oracle of  Delphi, he asks the Oracle whether he should go   to war against Persia and whether he should find  some allies.The Oracle replied that if Croesus were to wage a war against the Persians, he would  destroy a great empire. Of course, Croesus thought   that was a fantastic prophecy; little did he know  the great empire he would destroy would be his own   since he was defeated by Persia and wound up  in chains instead of on the Persian throne.  

Round two of Croesus versus the Oracle saw Croesus  ask whether he would have a long-lasting reign and   with that the Oracle replied …but whenever our  mule becomes king of the Medes, Then tender-footed   Lydian, flee by the pebbled River Hermus And do  don’t delay and don’t be ashamed to be a coward.   So naturally, Croesus thought he was going  to have a long rule and his descendants   would continue to rule forever since a man  would always rule the Medes, never a mule   and overall he was pretty delighted.

However, the  Oracle was doing what it does best in hiding the   truth under layers of mystery and analogies for  what the Pythia actually foresaw was not something   Croesus should have been delighted about; the mule  which is a cross between a horse and a donkey,   was actually a metaphor for the Persian  emperor Cyrus the Great whose mother was a Mede   and father a Persian and would eventually  cause the fall of the Lydian Kingdom. The final round of Croesus versus the  Oracle was this time about his mute son.

Croesus sends a mission to Delphi to investigate about his son and this is what the Pythia said:   “Lydian of race, king of many, Croesus, you fool,  Desire not to hear at home that prayed-for sound, of your son’s voice. Much better for you to be  far from that: The day on which you hear it first   will rob you of prosperity. At this point, Croesus had been king of Lydia for 14 years but the Persians were advancing on his position in battle. Cyrus’ camels had defeated the Lydian   cavalry and Croesus’ army was forced to take  refuge behind the wall of Sardis.

As the wall   was being taken by the Persians, Croesus was  advanced upon by Persian who didn’t recognize   him as the king of the Lydians.When its mute son saw the Persian approaching, shouted “you there do not kill Croesus! These were the  first words he ever spoke and following them,   the Persians quickly captured Croesus, took Sardis  and all of the Oracle’s predictions came true. Still, in Book One, we now come to Herodotus’  descriptions of some of the Babylonian customs,   which begins with the one he himself thinks is the  wisest and that is the custom of the auctioning   of wives.

According to Herodotus, all of the girls  of marriageable age are assembled together and the   men of marriageable age would form a circle around  them. Alparslan Episode 27 in English Pakistanwap, Alparslan Episode 27 in Urdu Giveme5, Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 27 English and Urdu , Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 27 in Urdu & English Subtitles Free Subtitle ,

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Alparslan Episode 27 in Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 27 in English Subtitles


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