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The summer series, Duy Beni (Hear Me), which met with the audience on Thursday evenings on Star TV, has been a production that has been watched with interest since the day it started.

There are some criticisms, especially on social media, of Duy Beni, which draws attention to the problem of bullying in high schools and causes the audience to react with some of its scenes.

The actor Alper Atak, who gave life to the character of “Süleyman Gerçek” in the series, responded to the reactions from social media due to the scenes of high school students kissing, bullying and intrigue.

According to the news on Milliyet, the master actor responded to the reactions as follows. “There is no place in life where there is no bullying. We do not deal with any subject that is not in life. We deal with the issues in life. I don’t think we will set a bad example.”

Atak, who played the villain in the series, also said about the reactions to his role, “Mine is the truth of Erol Taş. There are occasional sweet reactions. We take it normally now. The audience bonds with the character. He likes it or he doesn’t.”

On the other hand, despite the criticism, the series, which draws attention with its successful young actors, achieved worldwide success last month. According to the information given by The Whit, which reports on the number of followers on Instagram, Duy Beni series was the series that increased the number of followers the most in the whole world in July. Duy Beni collected 673 thousand followers in July.


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