Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 9 In Urdu Subtitles Free Of Cost

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Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 9 Urdu Subtitles Free Of Cost

Hayreddin Barbarossa (Arabic:

Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 9 Summary

larger meteorites sizing upto 12 feet usually bursts only 43 kilometers above causing the force equal to a 1000 tonnes it usually happens only once in one and a half year but the force generated from this burst and the devestation that it may cause can be imagined this way that at the time of burst,

all things presents within a few meters of this asteroid will “annihilate” then a much larger 33 foot meteorite usually bursts at the altitude of 32 kilometers causing the explosion force to exceed more than 20,000 tonnes but it usually happens once in a ten years but the force at the time of explosion will annihilate everything in the radius of a few kilometers but truly large meteorites, for example a 98 foot meteorite normally enters into earth system once in every 185 years and bursts usually only 17 kilometers above earth and the explosion force can reach up to a million tonnes and any made made structure ships, tanks or buildings, this force is more than enough to annihilate them all last time, such an incident took place on 15th february 2013 and you might remember it too the news was all over the place

that above russia a 66 foot asteroid burst in the mid-air marely 30 kilometers above passing over russia at the speed of 69,000 km/hr, the brightness of this meteroite even out-shone the sun for a few minutes and the forced generated from its explosion was 33 times more powerful than the nuclear blast at hiroshima in 1945 and let me tell you that this asteroid was not even detected

when coming to earth because it was coming right from the direction of sun and when it was detected, it was already too late and when its fragments were ignited it was seen as far as 100 kilometers and the shock-wave reached the earth only within 2 minutes and 23 seconds and damaged more than 7,000 buildings more than 1,500 people were injured in short words,

only the sound of this explosion caused 33 million dollars worth of damage if i be honest, it is no less than a miracle that its fragments after the explosion fell only in the wilderness and its largest 600 kilograms piece fell into a lake God forbid, if this piece … had fallen onto a city full of people it would surely annihilate EVERYTHING within the radius of many kilometers but after every 1,900 years such a meteorite definitely comes towards the earth which can reach upto the size of 250 foot and bursts at the height of mare 4 kilometers and the explosion force it generates is 15 million tonnes what devestation can be caused with such force

i will leave the imagination upto you but this, i will surely say that it is better for such a meteorite to burst because if the meteorite of such size explodes above the earth in mid-air it will cause trees to uproot for hundreds of kilometers life will end in the sphere of its influence the whole country might devestate giant stones will shower from sky because of its explosion right under-neath the burst event a large impact crater shall form and it is possible for earth water to come out of that crater any unfortunate city or country under the explosion site i don’t think anyone in that country will survive and the residents of

that city will perhaps the same fate as prince zu in 1626 A.D china where the infact died marely from the sound of its explosion but … all this … will sound almost good news to you if you knew the answer of “what if … such a meteorite collides the earth without bursting something like that happened 650 million years ago an asteroid, without bursting collided with mexico with full force and the force that it generated we can probably never fully know but just to give you an idea that compared to hiroshima, this force …

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