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Barbaroslar Capitulo 1 a 22 en Espanol Subtitulado | Historical Series

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Barbaroslar Capitulo 1 a 22 en Esponal

Barbaroslar Capitulo 1 a 22 en Espanol Subtitles

Barbaroslar Capitulo 1 a 22 en Espanol Subtitulado

Ishak, Oruc, Hizir and Ilyas are four siblings. Ishak (Yetkin Dikinciler) is the oldest and functions as a potter as though he were his dad. He exchanges and likes to quantify in harmony, away from risk. He lives on Midilli Island with spouses and 2 youngsters. Oruc (Engin Altan Duzyatan) is the second most seasoned Barbarossa brother.Defying his more established sibling, he follows his enthusiasm for the ocean. He turns into an undefeated mariner who is bold, valiant, attractive and savvy.

Oruc’s enthusiasm for the ocean likewise makes it hard for him to satisfy his better half Despina (Gulcan Arslan). Ilyas (Caner Topcu) additionally turns into a piece like his sibling a mariner and works with Oruc. He is an attractive and sensitive youngster who wishes to have a lot of opportunity to turn into an ace in the ocean.Hizir (Ulas Tuna Astepe), then again, abandons his energy for the ocean and turns into a vendor. His more seasoned sibling Ishak needs his kin to unwind and have an ordinary life in Midilli.

Since his 2 siblings (Oruc and Ilyas) become mariners, Hizir can just attempt to do what his senior sibling wants. Regardless of whether he turns into a dealer, he doesn’t surrender his enthusiasm for the ocean. Investing such a lot of energy venturing out from home to associate in trade, Hizir in the end gets back to Midilli where his more seasoned sibling lives.He can’t resist the urge to wind up wrecked.

After quite a while he at long last meets his guide who has been looking for a mystery key to the heavenly book. To view this as mystery key and shield the heavenly book from adversaries, Hizir goes to the island of Kalimnos. There he meets an impeccable specialist, Zeynep (Melis Babadag), who could be a youthful Muslim lady. In the interim, Oruc and Ilyas acknowledge they are in bedlam. also sadly got new foes. Antoine (Devrim Evin) becomes one of the Barbarossa siblings’ most noteworthy foes when Oruc Reis eliminates his brother.

Barbarossa: Mediterranean Weapon System (Barbaroslar: Akdeniz’in Kilici) The tale of the TV series is about the account of 4 siblings who transform the Mediterranean Sea into a Turkish Sea. Would Oruc Reis be able to turn into a popular sailor? Would Hizir Reis be able to oppose his enthusiasm? of the ocean and keep on being a dealer? Will Ishak Reis figure out how to get every one of his kin to carry on with a typical life in Midilli, away from risk?


Would Pietro be able to motivate her to let him know the way to life?Will Antoine have the option to achieve his sibling’s retribution and kill Oruc Reis? Can Kilicoglu work inseparably with Oruc Reis? Barbaroslar Capitulo 1 a 22 en Espanol Subtitulado.

Barbaroslar Capitulo 1 a 22 en Espanol Subtitulado


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