Barbaroslar Episode 22 With English Urdu Subtitles For Free


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Barbaroslar Episode 22 With English Urdu Subtitles For Free

Barbaroslar Episode 22 English and Urdu Subtitles For Free

Barbaroslar Episode 22 English and Urdu Subtitles For Free

In Barbaroslar Episode 22, when the catch of Kalymnos, Oruj modified the name of this island to Kelemez. Oruj then, at that point, says that the Turks have to be compelled to take Levitha to bolster their predominance within the Mediterranean. Within the mean time, Muslims in geographic area are during a powerful spot. The Spaniards say they’ll sell the Muslims as slaves. Khizir goes to Andalusia and recoveries the Muslims, who are in a tough scenario from being slaves.

Oruj converses with potentate, the administrator of Modon Castle, and offers him a meeting relating to Levitha. Whenever Franco catches wind of the help coming back to the palace, he says he can discuss this with totally different skippers. Khizir takes the Muslims he saved to Kelemez and lets them understand that he will shortly provide them another home. The privateer Pablo learns of Khizir’ activities and is furious that he can’t usher in money from the prisoners.

Pablo starts to on the sly follow Khizir. Huma compliments Oruj for what he has done. When Oruj Levitha is settled, he advises Huma that he has to wed Isabel. Potentate gets back to Modon and tells Oruj’ proposal to each one of the skippers. A person involves the island and kills Franco’ troopers as a whole. This man says that he’s the new officer of the palace which he is Marco Gabriel. Gabriel kills every one amongst the skippers who acknowledge Oruj’ arrangement and says that they won’t provide land to the Turks regardless.

Oruj says he can settle people from geographic area in Levitha soon. Meryem gives steel making ready to the women living in Kelemez. Meryem says she got this endeavor from Khizir and keeps on working. Khizir goes to converse with Meryem and provides her the rose he brought from Andalusia. Meryem says that she is very content with the looks of Khizir which she is raring to help ladies. Pablo keeps on when Khizir and understands that he adores Meryem.

When the last occasions, Mesih says that he can’t leave Kelemez and that he has to stop to Oruj. The message Firuze sent shows up and pacha is exceptionally happy relating to what’s happening. Huma goes to the market with Isabel and gets some info regarding Oruj. Isabel finds out with regard to Oruj’ proposition to be engaged and says that she acknowledges this deal.Oruj visits Levitha’s old shrine and says he can fix it. Oruj sees Venetian officers drawing nearer and thinks potentate is coming.

Gabriel comes and says he won’t build a meeting with the Turks. Oruj says the arrangement has effectively been made, however Gabriel kills Franco and says the arrangement is broken. Gabriel says he will go back to at Oruj once the chance arrives and gets back to Modon. Whereas Sahin is coping with the business ships within the port, Huma shows up. Sahsenem shows up while Huma finds out relating to the state of her possessions on the boat from Alexandria.Sahin says he is furious with Sahsenem for what he did, nursing associate asks him to come back. Sahsenem says she laments helping Sahbaz. Huma persuades Sahin and says she is going to provide Sahsenem a spot to remain.

Antuan says that Gabriel is an exceptionally frightful man. Pacha discovers that Oruj couldn’t get Levitha and becomes exceptionally ireful with him. Oruj says the arrangement is heretofore continued, and he will keep faithful his obligation. Whereas Meryem helps the women on the island, Sahsenem shows up. Meryem starts to practice acquirement with Sahsenem. Pablo utilizes this open door and assaults. Whereas Khizir is treating Sahsenem’ injury, Piri comes and stops the privateers. Sahsenem thanks to Khizir. Khizir requests one from the privateers they caught who did this assault. The privateer tells that Pablo is in control of this assault.

Khizir begins running towards the ocean aspect to induce Pablo. Gabriel’ men stop Pablo and say they have to assist him. Pablo consents to travel to Modon to save lots of his life. Khizir kills the privateers close to the ocean, however can’t get Pablo. Oruj realizes what occurred within the town and becomes very furious relating to this. Oruj becomes ireful with the 2 men appointed by pacha and removes them from the city. Gabriel says he has to work with Pablo and can facilitate him. Pablo initially oddballs this proposition, but once he discovers that he will become rich, he acknowledges it. Oruj offers new errands to Sahin and Ilyas.

Mesih goes to Oruj’ home and becomes furious at him for terminating his men. Oruj says he will do everything to safeguard Kelemez. Pacha says he contains a competent man and brings Sahbaz. Whenever Oruj sees Sahbaz, he becomes very furious, Associate in Nursingd says he doesn’t want him on this island. Pacha says that he addresses the state on this island, which Sahbaz will likewise take an endeavor. Oruj would rather not acknowledge what pacha aforesaid and provides Sahbaz the undertaking that Ilyas ought to take. Firuze goes to Huma’ home and says that she is that the head of the women on the island with the ability she got from Pasha.

Huma objects to this. Firuze says she is going to go back to at everyone soon. Isabel sees Sahbaz and asks him to not bring any longer hardship. Oruj then, at that point, converses with Isabel and tells her that he will wed her when he settles Levitha’ concern. Sahsenem says she is going to distance Khizir from Meryem. Whereas obtaining back, Ilyas converses with pacha. Initial Pasha and afterwards Esma says that Ilyas got to get a major position. Ilyas can’t face up to anything and goes to converse with Oruj.

⏯ Barbaros with english subtitles

⏯subtitles barbaros with english

⏯Barbaroslar Episode 22 in English and Urdu Subtitles For Free

⏯Barbaroslar Episode 22 in English and Urdu Subtitles For Free

⏯english subtitles barbaros with

⏯Barbaroslar Episode 22 Urdu

⏯Barbaroslar Episode 22 in English

⏯Barbaroslar Episode 22 in English and Urdu Subtitles For Free

⏯Barbaroslar Episode 22 in English and Urdu Subtitles For Free

⏯barbarossa episode 22 in urdu

⏯Barbaroslar Episode 22 in English and Urdu Subtitles For Free

⏯Barbaroslar Episode 22 in English and Urdu Subtitles For Free

⏯Barbaroslar Episode 22 in English and Urdu Subtitles For Free

⏯episode 22 in urdu subtitles

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