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Barbaroslar Episode 26 English and Urdu Subtitles For Free

Barbaroslar Episode 26 English and Urdu Subtitles For Free

few examples show folks returning from business so that the sizes these connections was people but they stopped letters to be a word of course the thesis were trekking adventures were going on we also know that the first mission of hunt was on the second grant as well now this was known for quite some time because it’s mentioned on the Palermo stone but again talking about new discoveries in the last years there was more material found of the cigarette cultivating oldest and it showed extra scenes depicting relations with pulled from Sonora so previously

we had the floor master but it simply said one of the years about 80,000 units of ante use incense quantities of electric as well as some other commodities that we can’t quite understand well Rob to Egypt pumped I suppose next intervention as well a punt is this place that we got questro or it is yet it’s some horrible on the Red Sea coastline probably never tried this movie it seems like this now these were recently published just to emphasize the relations that pulled the superior receiving the beginning

so we have been celebrating the return of these frankincense trees from put and as image of in with them seemingly teachings for the resin is gone from the tree now this makes a chef sort a liar I’m afraid to say so because she says I think that she’s the first person to bring truth back from home typing she says not return all that well otherwise we get overseas to things like this recession okay and queen the boats are back from cooked this is very exciting to see now turning west it’s all been about Libya the Western Desert at the beginning of the dynastic period

there are occasional interruptionsbetween the being groups in Egyptians sporadic expeditions at the scene as well to the desert are not really damaged it seems the Egyptians of the time table was before worth exploiting in the Western Desert what their effort they didn’t seem to want to control here one sees a bit later on these little groups to ensure that on security we know there was a site west of our mouths salt which was a place very early on but Egyptians to meet crossing in the western desert and was a location were you traded livestock and from the same locality

I’m out this was the main route for the Egyptian to travel to Dhokla the racists via car this was a typical because it was declar which is going to find the man hold kingdom settlements of the old kingdom this is where you’d find the Egyptians being present in the western desert but he does see the Opera at some sort of population as well we have texts from Doc that I mentioned people of Bihar Airways has been brought into the doctor workforce to deliver integrated work on construction projects and so forth

so it seems that the was very little evidence exists for him people living at least in Bihar air as well as doctor as far as time to girls in the earth Kingdom it seems it was just used as a stopping off quite a place to rest while they were travelling across the desert for Stockman no comparisons what we did look at or exceeds we do have quite a few different places up in dargerville the Egyptians won’t give my event one being this apparent sealed box here we get this very much with starters at the end of the sixth the BC not duck there was a particular importance to the Egyptians of the Old Kingdom

because of this headed off Southwest duck luck was a major hook and what they now call the I will bust read this series of stops to be long journey so far but I know 400 launches region and that probably continued onwards bother to get out down here that’s even further to the southwest cool for Oasis or into chat this was a long long network all the route just to make sure getting lost they were very stinky because they know the marks by this type of bar pen these loose stones I’ve been piled up so you can follow the route along the way

they also left large pottery jars is dug into the ground and they were very very big big appalled about 30 litres of water each well the job to stop drains so you well prepared on this journey you are going to the desert to make sure all of this water was ok another great music lint or anything like this it seems like people were staying with some of these major outposts the looked after these very supplies to ensure that their caravans to the southwest were provisions of magnitude and it seems like these individuals planning these posters over the truth got like bored over time

so you see images the encounter for the rocks and fruit including the Senate be fine the pass the time while I waited for people to come traveling along bringing goods we get letters that reflect this type of relationship well so wall mentions the coming of a chief of Debbie you translated as the village of the island and that gravy should be provided for this guy along the way reference to these places on the last trip you would see well w it is argued as possibly get Lulu house with its cheap occupying the site during the rainy season

so it’s not a place you could stay or time or a certain time of year you could use the slight of course is guess the Asian Caravan from symbols with the seconds yes six but one of these recently translated texts on from the time a crumpled to the third this guy’s son because it wasn’t simply him he was involved in interactions with Florence could hold up a third account was translated recently by James our this is from – – sure he gives us lots of great information about Egypt’s relationship previously we were really at work so

for example from this inscription it seems that for at least that an early part of the Middle Kingdom the top dynasty it was not big loss to make a trading partner in the normal about with the Egyptians in instead it was a Plaza which was to be common kilometers further north and from this text it seems that the rules of middles in this time were quite aggressive to the Egyptians doctor describes going to allow them to trade the sealer for some reason it’s not telling their why the end or stopping in byblos when he gets the amount or

the Malcolm stay connected to Malik King that’s questioning a lot of the third what is there a system that’s very broken to text is very fragmentary it seems to be that the army admit loss is on mission to attack the Lhasa at this time as we expect with the Egyptians being allies it was seen with plaza when the claro it’s wounded this isn’t particularly pleased this has to send an army to sort things out so it could be connected where this growth in relation between the Egyptians a bit lost in the light so that will clean them is this why earlier on we have very little information on each village within lips is

it because it was controlled in the earlier phases by people aggressive to the Egyptians that is only after the Pharaoh sensible to sort them out during this villas are affirmed that afterwards we start there in the rules at their boss in quite Egyptian artists it’s only in the later that looking them are Egyptian word for governor this increased Egyptian ization only occurs later in our dynasty so is it due to these events of which we now have a nice description all as tifinagh wonderful third the subtlest time that you start very things like this these lovely gifts

that were found in the tombs of the rulers of business and these typically they date from another mother third fourth so after these events to describe the third it’s also this time I’m stopping this what they call the stupid favorite little script this very short-lived but clearly Egyptian inspired script about these people a bit lost we use English is still currently untranslated so if any of you have some spare time at the weekend our guess to do give it a go you might succeed really thinks

that Shia poet great really helps me and this gives us lots of really great information about the Egyptians relations would live out so we have to the breakfast to the dispatch of an expeditionary force to Asia except jet destroy place there which is for only our some people of object that this could be in touch possibly if it is Egyptian army is doing a very long way away another section mentioned their experiment of the army as well and talks about them along the way

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