Barbaroslar Episode 28 With English Urdu Subtitles For Free


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Barbaroslar Episode 28 With English Urdu Subtitles For Free

Barbaroslar Episode 28 English and Urdu Subtitles For Free

Barbaroslar Episode 28 English and Urdu Subtitles For Free

the goddess Artemis could be your best friend or  your worst enemy and either way it all depended   on you. Keep watching to learn all about her.Hello and welcome to the Encyclopedia of World History my name is Kelly and today we are focusing on  the goddess of hunting, chastity, wild nature,   and the moon in Greek mythology Artemis. Don’t  forget the easiest way to support us is by giving   this video a thumbs up and subscribing to our  channel so you don’t miss out on any new uploads.   If you like my shirt be sure to check out our new  merch store

where you can find this design and a   bunch more i’ll leave the link for it down below.  Artemis was the twin sister to the god Apollo   born on either Delos or Ortygia to the olympian  god Zeus and the titan Leto. From a young age   Artemis knew what she wanted and when her father  placed her on his knee and asked what she would   like as a gift she asked for eternal virginity, as  many names of honour and a bow and arrow all equal   to her brothers, 60 ocean nymphs as her maids of  honour, a hunting tunic of saffron and red hem,  

the office of bringing light, 20 river nymphs,  for Zeus to care for her hounds when she was out hunting, and any city he wished to bestow upon  her. Which city didn’t matter because she intended   to live up in the mountains for most of the time  anyway. Artemis’ symbols became the bow and arrow,   the quiver, deer, the moon and the cypress tree.  With the silver bow made by the cyclops, Artemis   became known as the goddess of the hunt wild  nature and the mistress of animals and was further   associated with wild animals especially young  ones, the moon and forests.

In Hesiod’s Theogony,   Artemis is described as ‘arrow shooting Artemis,’  and in Homer’s Iliad where she plays a minor role,   she was called ‘the archer goddess,’ ‘goddess  of the loud hunt’ and ‘of the wild mistress of   wild creatures.’ She was often depicted in statues  holding the bow and arrow, the quiver or a spear   and was often accompanied by a deer, a hunting  dog or a stag.As a patron to young girls. protector of childbirth and goddess of chastity  and fertility she chose to remain a maiden much   eat it dee Atena ed Estia.

She watched  over mothers and children but was known for her   vengeful nature and so death in childbirth whether  of the mother or of the newborn was sometimes   attributed to her as a punishment for some sin.  She was the patron deity of brides to be, young   girls who, upon reaching maturity, would dedicate  their toys to her as a symbolic passing from   childhood to adulthood. As a deity of fertility,  Artemis was worshiped primarily at Ephesus,   near where it was believed to have been born at Ortygia, and people worshiped her through sacrifice and gifts

especially the  gift of clothing following a successful birth.   The temple of the Artemis at Ephesus was begun in  around 550 BCE and after a century of work and 107   columns later it stood larger than the Parthenon  and it was considered one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.Artemis was also worshiped on thethe island of Delos, the other potential birthplace twins, and at Tauris, Magnesia, Perge and Brauron. During the 8th to the 3rd centuries BCE,   the temple site and sacred spring was used for a  rite of passage for young girls and brides to be.  

The details of the rites enacted here are  unclear, although surviving pottery shows   young girls dancing and running.In Artemis mythology is known from a number of storiesone of which took place at the  beginning of the Trojan War.   The King Agamemnon had angered Artemis  by killing one of her sacred deer,   so on their way to Troy, Artemis took the wind  out of Agamemnon’s sails, and would only grant   wind to the fleet if Agamemnon sacrificed  his daughter, Iphigenia. Agamemnon agreed,   but in the last moment, Artemis felt pity for the  young girl and substituted a deer for her, taking  

Iphigenia to her sanctuary at Tauris in Crimea in  modern-day Russia, to be one of her priestesses.   Although in the story of Iphigenia Artemis saved  the young girl from sacrifice, other stories show   her darker side. After the hunter Orion tried  to rape either Artemis or one of her maidens,   Artemis killed him. After the queen Niobe boasted  that her childbearing abilities were greater than   Leto’s (Artemis’ mother), Artemis used her bow  and arrows to kill her six (and in some accounts,   seven) children. She turned one of her followers,  Callisto, into a bear after she had lain with Zeus.

The hunter Actaion, either because he  boasted he was a better hunter or because   he spied on Artemis bathing in the forest, was  turned into a stag by the goddess and was torn   to pieces by his own hunting dogs. Finally, when  the king of Calydon forgot to honour her properly,   Artemis sent an enormous boar to terrorise the  kingdom. No one could kill it until the all-star   band of heroes including Theseus, Jason, Atalanta,  and Meleager organised a group to hunt the boar   down and then sacrificed it to the goddess  to appease her.

This story, like the earlier   those concerning Niobe or Actaion, who remained impressed an ancient audience the importance of proper   behaviour regarding the gods and encouraged piety  as no one wanted to anger a goddess as powerful   as the great Artemis. How do you feel about  Artemis’ darker side? Do you feel these stories   about her would have served their purpose? Let us  know down below.

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Barbarossa Episode 28 Urdu Subtitles

Barbaroslar Episode 28 English Subtitles


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