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Barbaroslar Episode 29 with English Subtitles For Free

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Barbaroslar Episode 29 with English Subtitles Faor Free

Barbaroslar Episode 29 English Subtitles For Free

Barbaroslar Episode 29 English Subtitles

how the roman republic started rome was born as a small city-state on the Tiber River known as Latium but according to legend it was founded in 753 BC by the demigod Romulus this legend gave one with divine foundationist the gods found in the city but there are other foundational claims one is that was founded by a woman named Roma who survived the Trojan War and traveled with the hero Aeneas to Italy

another story claims that Rome was originally an Etruscan port named Ramon we know that the Etruscans were the dominant people in the region before Rome was founded so the Roman story is probably closest to the truth the Etruscans would have had some port on the Tiber and obviously exercised considerable power in the region in fact the first kings of Rome were Etruscan the king ruled over three tribes of Latins who lived in 30 wards and each Ward had a representative and an assembly known as the curiata

which brought concerns from the people to be dealt with by the king in the same way that elected officials in democratic governments today like state and federal senators in the United States represent the concerns of their constituents in making and passing laws the comitia curiata wasn’t like the modern-day Senate it had nothing to do with making laws it just let the King know what was going on in each ward the Senate was the group made up of 100 upperclassmen who made the laws in consultation with the king

this form of government worked well enough between circa 753 and 509 BCE during which time Rome had seven kings but the king was the absolute power and could force those below him including wealthy members in the upper class to do what he wanted the upper class was tired of this abuse but couldn’t find any legal way to remove the king in 509 BC though the opportunity came in an unexpected way when the son of Tarquin

the proud romans king raped a governor’s daughter named Lucretia Lucretia would not keep silent about the assault and accused the prince publicly her father and others of the upper class then eliminated the kingship and Tarquin was disposed the King was supposed to take care of and represent the interests of the people and Tarquins Sonny had broken this contract the king and his entire family was exiled and a new position was created he interacts Intermediate King to put together a different form of government the concept of the Senate was kept

but the idea of a king who might feel he was above the law and bring up sons who felt the same way was rejected in favor of a pray you are a magistrate appointed by the Senate and responsible to the people the Senate wrote the first Roman laws known as a twelve tables in 449 BCE these laws applied only to Roman citizens and a citizen was defined as any male over 15 years old was a member of one of the original tribes of Latium women were protected under the law through their male relatives

but had no voice in government Rome had two social classes the patricians in the upper class and the plebeians the lower class the law guaranteed that everyone would be treated equally no matter their social class and these laws were posted publicly so the upper class couldn’t pretend something was legal which charged someone unjustly to benefit themselves so like any system of government the details of how Rome works during the Republic is complicated but here’s roughly

how it operated the position of praetor was changed to consul with greater power but still subject to the Senate and there were two consuls elected by the Assembly of people of Rome for one-year terms for each one and they had the power of veto of the other ones decisions the word veto in fact comes from the Latin for I forbidden consuls did not make laws or pass judgments they could only act on laws created by the Assemblies were called to me by magistrate the Senate did not make laws

they advised consuls and issued decrees based on those so by the time this was all worked out the government of the Roman Republic consisted of three branches the Assemblies and Senate were the legislative branch and these assemblies buried in size the Senate was made up of 300 upperclassmen who held the position for life then there were the consuls the executive branch two upperclassmen who ruled for one year the judges the judicial branch eight upperclassmen who served for one year the Senate consuls and judges all came from the upper class

but the lower class had the right to assemble to choose consuls from the Senate and also to block laws they felt were unfair to them the assembly which have concluded the lower class gatherings had no formal meeting place like the Senate they usually just meet in the forum but they could send tributes to the Senate to represent them and this is how they blocked the law as they felt weren’t in their best interests every male citizen of Rome had the right to vote but the upper class

who made the rules they felt that legislative decisions should be made by those who had the most to win or lose in elections themselves initially the plebeians had no vote at all and even once they gained the right their vote was counted last this practice was based on a concept best expressed by Cicero that the greatest number should not have the greatest power a concept still in effect in the USA in the form of the electoral college the founding fathers of the United States of America based their form of government on the model of Rome the Senate and House of Representatives make and decree

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