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Barbarossa Episode 30 With Urdu Subtitles For Free

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Barbarossa Episode 30 With Urdu Subtitles For Free

Barbarossa Episode 30 Urdu Subtitles For Free

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Barbarossa Episode 30 Urdu Subtitles

The installment may not be released but there are some incidents which have caused the fans to have a strange conflict. They are anxious to know the details of the curiosity Kosis is the character of the series that appeared as the enemy But over time, that is likely to change And now it’s time for fans to crazy for Kosis Everyone loves to see him fight with Osman Bey At the time when Achman Bay was left with his own Osman Bey, Kosis did not stop fighting side by side with Osman Bey. Such incidents have impressed the fans

Thus, we knew from the beginning that the role of Kosis would be positive going forward Because he was to be seen as Koshi Mial But the beauty with which Kurulus Osman’s team turned a negative role into a positive one was admirable Even before Kosis became a Muslim, his attachment to Osman Bey won everyone’s heart But as we know Kosis has to become a Muslim one day and we have to see him as Abdullah Mihal Ghazi So this moment is already making the fans very impatient They are waiting to see when they will become Muslims Viewers have begun to pay close attention to this incident in the series

After being injured, Kosis spent a lot of time with Kumral Abdal and Sheikh Edebali And impressed by his personality He is still present in the tribe And surprisingly, he doesn’t want to return to his castle Because his heart is feeling sad and restless And their solution cannot be found in the fort That is why he is still in the tribe And his emotional style in the tribe is attracting everyone In this state of uneasiness, when Kosis heard Azan sitting in the tribe, his reaction was quite spectacular.

He may have found a cure for his loneliness and sadness in the Word of Allah Fans were overjoyed when Kosis repeated his words after hearing the call to prayer The conversion of Koss to Islam is affecting everyone Now everyone is waiting for him to become a Muslim According to history, this is possible too late Because, according to historical references, he became a Muslim after 1304 While the series is looking at the historical period behind it But such historical differences are often seen Kosis is still likely to become a Muslim That is, in the same season, we will know Kosis by the name of Abdullah And he will become a Muslim

In addition, two new characters are expected to enter the series All eyes are on Osman Bey’s only daughter Fatima hatun and Gunduz Bey’s son Aydogdu Bey They want to know when these characters will be part of the series Viewers, A few episodes ago, Malhun hatun mentioned his daughter Fatima hatun who was away from him. This topic was later discussed a lot and an attempt was made to find out when this character will be seen in the series Now it has come to light that young actor Cemre Demircan has joined Kurulus Osman.


And in the same series, she will play the role of a Fatima With the inclusion of the same actor in the Kurulus Osman series, it is clear that these actors will appear before the end of the season, but only in 1 to 2 episodes. In addition, everyone’s attention was drawn to the entry of Gunduz Bay’s son Aydogdu Just two episodes in the series, the entry of Gonduz Bey’s son Aktemur Bey was shown His character was well-liked by the fans And this is when the preparations for the conquest of Inegol Fort were being made and the siege of the fort began. So everyone is playing their part

The women soldiers and the common people of the tribe were also helping Malhun Hatun first got the news of the care of the wounded soldiers from Kumral Abdal here and then said that Aydogdu will also take care of the wounded soldiers. All of a sudden, everyone wondered if Gunduz Bey’s other son was being brought to the fore Viewers are likely to see Aydogdu in 1 to 2 episodes

The reason is that the Selcan Hatun has just died And then Gunduz Bey will also be martyred at the time of Inegol’s victory In such a case, Osman Bey family will seen less Two nephews of Osman Bey will be brought forward to address this shortcoming As for the end of the season, we have repeatedly told you that this is not possible so soon. Seasons of the Kurulus Osman series often come to an end in the month of June Remember that there are still 6 to 7 episodes of this season left And this season is also likely to end in June Viewers

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Barbarossa Episode 30 Urdu Subtitles


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