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China’s most expensive tourists

 expensive tourists, China's most expensive tourists

China’s most expensive tourists

Chinese tourists became the world’s largest source of revenue in 2012, spending a whopping 102 billion on overseas tourism.

This is 40 percent more than the amount spent by Chinese tourists on tourism last year.

The figures are released by the United Nations Tourism Organization.

According to him, the Chinese are now the world’s largest spender on tourism, followed by Germany and the United States.

The United Nations Tourism Organization (UNO) has spent so much money on tourism by Chinese people because of rising public incomes in China, easing travel restrictions, and the rising value of the Chinese currency.

According to statistics released by the United Nations Tourism Organization, the tourism industry is also booming in other developed countries of the world.


According to the Russian Tourism Federation, last year saw a 32% increase in tourism spending to 43 43 billion. As a result, Russia ranks seventh to fifth in the world in terms of tourism revenue.

Talib Rifai, secretary general of the United Nations World Trade Organization, says the world’s growing economies have had a positive impact on the tourism industry.

Read more: China announces tourism on disputed islands

China has announced it will launch a cruise service to the disputed islands in the East China Sea from next month.

According to Chinese state media, in the largest island in the East China Sea, there is only one hotel and there is no drinking water available, so tourists will stay on the ship.

These islands are known as Zeisha in China, but they are also known as parcels. Apart from China, these islands are claimed by Taiwan and Vietnam.

After a brief war with South Vietnam in 1974, China controlled the islands.

China’s state-run Xinhua News Agency quoted the Heheng Shipping Company as saying that a ship weighing 47,000 tons with a capacity of about 2,000 passengers was ready to sail, while another was under construction.

The executive vice governor of China’s Hainan province has said the first tour will begin next May, a national holiday.

Xinhua News quoted the deputy governor as saying that the facilities on the islands were being improved but tourists would be able to eat and sleep on the ship.

It should be noted that the East China Sea is rich in oil and gas reserves and its territorial waters are disputed by many countries.

Experts have said that China has taken a step forward in proving its sovereignty over the disputed islands.

Last year, China set up a local government office on the largest disputed island, Yongzhen, and Vietnam was outraged by China’s move.

Read more: How did 350-year-old precious paintings get to the roadside?

Police in Germany have appealed to the public to provide information about two paintings that authorities found dumped on the side of the road.

Police say the oil paintings were made by Dutch painter Samuel Van Hoogstraton and Italian painter Petro Belotti.

The two paintings were found by a man at a service station on Highway A-Seven in Brawaria last month. He turned them over to police in Cologne. So far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange.

Police say that according to an initial analysis by an art expert, these two paintings are original. One painting is of a boy wearing a red hat, but the date of its creation is not clear. Police say the painting was made by Samuel von Hogstraton, who lived in the Netherlands between 1627 and 1678.

The second painting is a self-portrait of Petro Belotti, who lived in Italy from 1625 to 1700.

Police in Cologne have appealed to the authorities to provide information to the authorities if anyone owns the paintings or has any other information about them. The image looks 3D.

Samuel Van Hogstratton was born in Dorsht and learned the art from the famous painter Rembrandt. His pamphlet, Introduction to the High School of the Art of Painting, is considered an important source of ideas for Rembrandt’s painting.

According to auction sites, Samuel Van Hogstraton’s paintings sell at exorbitant prices.

A shepherd painting by Samuel Van Hogstraton, made in the 1600s, sold for 500 50062 in 2019.

He had another کرو 285,285 buck on another website in La Crucifixion 2018.

Petro Belotti, on the other hand, made his name in the Baroque era, but he is not so well known. He was commissioned by important Venice families and was known for making portraits.

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