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The creator of Destan and Kuruluş Osman will launch a new television series.

The ATV-broadcast Destan and Kuruluş Osman programmes, which were viewed with great respect, were also heavily discussed during the season. With each episode they aired, both serials saw success in the ratings lists, keeping the station happy.

While the third season of the Kuruluş Osman television series was successfully finished, work on the fourth season began. The next season of Kuruluş Osman, which will be shown on television with a compelling tale, is anticipated to premiere in October. The Destan series is another another impressive endeavour from the film’s producer, Bozda.

One of the most watched ATV productions is Ebru ahin, in which she co-stars with Edip Tepeli and received critical acclaim for her portrayal of Reyyan in the Hercai series. Although the series’ ratings are on the decline, as was discussed with Selim Bayraktar’s resignation at the end of the season, it is anticipated that they will stabilise in the upcoming season.

Following these two lucrative productions, Bozda Film is getting ready to sign projects for the upcoming season. Bozkr Arslan Celaleddin’s second season, produced by the producer business for Uzbekistan, had previously been announced as being shot. The Ateş Kuşlar (Firebirds) series is one of Mehmet Bozda, the company’s owner, new endeavours.


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