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Destan Capitulo 1 a 13 en Espanol Subtitulado | Historical Series

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Destan Capitulo 1 a 13 en Espanol Subtitulado

Destan Capitulo 1 a 13 en Espanol Subtitles

Destan Capitulo 1 a 13 en Espanol Subtitulado

Dastan signifying “story” or “story” could be a resplendent kind of oral history from Central Asia, Iran, Turkey and Azerbaijan. A dastan is by and enormous fixated on one that shields his kin group or his kin from an external unwelcome person or for, albeit simply each, thus typically would this figure be ready to be followed back to a verifiable individual. This principal character sets an illustration of however one ought to act, and therefore the dastan turns into a showing instrument – as an instance the Sufi professional and Turkic creative person Ahmed Yesevi same “Let the researchers hear my insight, dealing with my words sort of dastan”.

Close the insight, each dastan is made with social history vital to researchers. Throughout the Russian conclusion of Central Asia, varied new dastans were created to fight the Russian occupation. It’s conceivable that they came into contact and wedged one another. As indicated by Turkish history specialist Hasan Bülent Paksoy, the Bolsheviks tried to obliterate these pictures of culture by simply distributing them in deficiently monumental amounts and in an exceedingly misshaped structure “to drain the courteous effect”. A stimulating dastan is Korkut Ata of the Oghuz Turks – which could are created as shortly because the start of the thirteenth century.

What is the subject of the epic series?
A caught champion young lady winds up in a merciless battle for control.

Simultaneously, unadulterated love anticipates the little kid.

The narrative of Akkız, who was caught by her adversary, becomes epic with Batuga, who is persecuted and weak in her dad’s castle.


While everybody overlooks this team from the get go, they combine efforts to accomplish the unthinkable.

The account of Akkız and Batuga, whose fates crossed when they were still youngsters, is introduced to the crowd.

Actors in Destan :

Ebru Şahin (Akkız),
Edip Tepeli (Batuga),
Selim Bayraktar (Alpagu Khan),
Kanbolat Gorkem Arslan (Saltuk),
Teoman Kumbaracıbaşı (Balamir),
Deniz Barut (Great Ece),
Elif Doğan (Passionate),
Ipek Karapinar (Colpan),
Burak Tozkoparan (Temur),
Buse Meral (Sırma),
Burak Berkay Akgul (Kaya),
Osman Albayrak (Vargi),
Sahin Erguney (Kun Ata),
Ahmet Olgun Sünear (Yaman),
Alper Layout (Assign Danis),
Ecem Sena Bayir (Günseli),
Bilgi Aydoğmuş (Kırçiçek),
Esra Kilic (Mei Jin),
Hilal Uysun (The Talisman),
Evren Erler (Çalayır),
Meltem Pamirtan (Yibek),
Faruk Aran (Kuzubeg),
Müge Duygun (Tilbe),
Mehmet Sertakan (Tayangu Yalvaç),
Aysel Yildirim (Kam Woman),
Seca Naz Karabulut (Ilay),
Cihangir Kose (Otaci),
Berna Üçkaleler (Efil),
Doruk Şengezer (Oktem),
Onur Loquat (Evren Alp)

Destan Capitulo 1 a 13 en Espanol Subtitulado

Destan Capitulo 1 a 13 en Espanol Subtitulado


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