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Destan Capitulo 18 en Espanol Subtitulado | Historical Series

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Destan Capitulo 18 en Espanol Subtitulado

Destan Capitulo 18 en Espanol Subtitles

Destan Capitulo 18 en Espanol Subtitulado

it’s not senior chief should be far more aggressive not just to the civil Levac are also to Nubia as well and so the people who were really there I suppose that Allies before had suddenly become their enemies and people don’t we do you get quite a bit of evidence for warfare in the lab after in the early dynastic period example just one example here is I provide ruling again Josephine smiting and even captive as described as the first time smiting the East furnace as always with this type of material to be ideological but the trade did continue despite all of these things especially lots of copper item stuck in famine

excavations from this time so 2 s 3 4 7 1 there’s Kerala Ranger you have about 700 copper objects in this to about 75 of her English well many of you will know there are lots and lots of copper items found in the tomb of classic eminent this in this late time delay pre-dynastic and the early dynastic as well toufic mentioning that you study rental or long-distance friends this is a very wide network for the Egyptians apart just to pick an example to hire computer stations within 2 gamma 3 period forget lapis lazuli from Afghanistan or Iraq yes silver barrel beads from Eastern Anatolia get turquoise

cyanide no city in blades that are either from Ethiopia Anatolia otherwise reading that it seems from some of the more scientific studies that the Cillian probably does come from Ethiopia that’s probably the main source of this in this time I’ll just wear it because I think it’s cookie the earliest large love this love the object will be statue it pirate honest now in the Ashmolean museum quite unlike anything else there are over paralyzed to us so people suggest that it might be a foreign import now many say that kind of stuff in the pre-dynastic

so we’re going to rewind time now to go back to the beginning of the pre-classic period and start looking at what the nubian a group so the nubian a group for those who don’t know they live in the area cataracts from around 700 about 2018 see over this space over this time they move slowly further and further south so they started roughly in the vicinity of Aswan in career going south they ended their days for the area a second cataract early on it’s very clear that the what we call the a group and then the gather Egyptians very similar origins

so Elena’s they’ve got a long time the earliest a group phases virtually indistinguishable pottery so you can tell the difference between where we will class as we gather one found the early April vessels there’s a lot of uniformity in this very time but that’s the fourth millennium progresses you start getting separation so that dad got a job at this time I’ve become more individual in the cultural materials but despite this despite the fact that slowly they change in geography slowly diversify and material cultures you get lots of interactions going on which weekly reviews of cosine Egyptians and the gather Egyptians

so we get a group posturing this Nubian post reads far north us but for another poker chips so they are sending things far off the book Regent at the same time you also get a group suppleness of as Watts area movement regardless Egyptian territory so there is an overlap in this time between the two cultures even further than that – we have a grave 5-1 eat soup which is found at kind of serial mark and Allegiant you have this cemetery and you have a single circular bread now this is unusual though but it’s quite normal in Nubia and of Regent it also contained the ingredients

so father Nubian Greg good stuff our secular Miss Nubian style perhaps indicates that it belong to only be immigrants would travel the spiral in Egypt and is fairly phase in Egyptian history and you guess our cultural interaction doing other way too so it suggested that these cattle values that you get near these cemeteries are our accomplice it suggests there are these were influenced by a nubian a group practices you find a lot of this type of thing going on after school in Nubia

this is a site that’s very important to the a group its minis massive with rich cemeteries potentially of rules for behavior and so they said to have been sharing ideas with the Egyptians as well and there’s lots of evidence of attractive so the graves this late a group people particularly they wanted to store and they argue sundar science so that’s where it is they get a lot of input into traffic laxity from the pottery lots of stone vessels as well yeah you also get the yeah they said you know top of spearhead control which if you imported Valdiserri L Cousteau across

this type of topper of general approach would have been treated viable about web sighs how far these transport visit these trend let’s go well you do get the vampire type choice as well as appropriate about 2008 for PCV a group completely much effectively there is no nuclear population Noah Nubia that until about 2400 BC in the later Old Kingdom and this is possibly because of issue raised as I was saying earlier to get seemingly increased hostility by the Egyptians in the early dynastic period seem to become very aggressive was people to use the friends

but but on this point even across the fourth millennium even though the AV room are separating it’s a further south of her developing their own material culture and individual identities we do still see throughout this entire phase a lot of cultural similarities there they’re intertwined centrally in the gardens a group Luo Tian’s there’s only from this point that you get lots of serious separation between what is Egyptian what is Nubian after this point where all your depopulated seemingly Egyptian activities there now it’s often said that the Egyptian seem to have removed

so many cattle and people as well as potentially men who destroyed the equipment destroyed the populations of the a group in the new year we have this reference from the time of snap roof from the Palermo stone that talks about 7,000 captain’s being taken and 200,000 cattle now the Egyptians did quite like to exaggerate when they were doing this time captain so whatever we can take it at face value but it is anyone near actual gross because quite a lot of people and quite a lot of cattle this was going on but regularly then you can see how they were completely decimated normal Nubian

but beyond this time into the Old Kingdom we can start Excel Libyans in Egypt perhaps we can regard these of people from the lugia some resists been knocking around so this steely from Pell Wofford Rocc sled second dynasty so it’s indeed a steep period for early third time students are just heading into the LT who knew gets easy you can see their usual thing but is the omelets perhaps indicating the origins as well see ns7 this are what all these amulets that you get with some of these figures they do seem to indicate or put European styles and so suggest to us CC was a nubian come to open Nuno

there being in Egypt from a similar date from the second or further – B we also get very old seven shut up just something to me this is quite unusual so this was found on this body well you get to topper objects there was another necklace of small bracelets wrist that’s the most important part each child was a dolphin with these Beach shaped omelets made from ivory and this is what perhaps indicates he was a high-status you see over here on the far left is an image which is thought to be a review from the Moultrie temple of some hooray dynasty

now this individual was taken from a scene or various prisoners in Rome have being tracked before the king except he’s quite unusual

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Destan Capitulo 18 en Espanol Subtitulado


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