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Destan Episode 18 in English Subtitles Free | Historical Series

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Destan Episode 18 in English Subtitles Free

Destan Episode 18 in English Subtitles Free

Destan Episode 18 English Subtitles Free

see so many people here today interested in formalin egypt login information it is great that tomorrow event up this study day going on so let’s say that this is the official feedback sheet for this study day now this is the first times I’ve given this talk it’s but early days yet my research into Egypt on the foreign world which is folks at home basically an overview for egypt’s foreign relations throughout the growing period and whilst researching this book it strictly does just how much new information has come out in the past twenty years or so Oh Egypt in the outside world that happened

before the New Kingdom because don’t believe when people talk about this test so Jack they start talking extensively about the kingdom again that’s those other great campaigns of New Kingdom no other stuff and everything before that kind of gets condensed into a tiny paragraph or maybe half a chapter this this has changed recently and so you’ve got some great academic publications about the outside well generally Egypt’s relations and it’s great to provide an overview of this so I can’t regardless but for the moment as the greatest hits or last twenty years of discover reason with Egypt on the outside world

because it’s early days for the research but book isn’t really jus until sometime next year there is one for waiting in this lecture about obviously mainly on throw it out so not so much on trivia and also on the VA but mainly one-time connections are we talking about so I accept that this yeah so this region course you all recognize its place that looks pretty and accessible from the outside world so I’m from the outside I mean you’ve got the Mediterranean Sea to the north you’ve got the desert the Western Desert desert in the south of course you have be quite difficult to navigate cash price of tomorrow

so all of this lends itself to this idea of Egypt be this next one it’s only isolated different for everything around it now this is not something that the state other people that I do so we have the world Lisa that’s the way Egypt was referred to by its neighbors the Semitic neighbors speaking this was the enclosed land maybe reflects nicely this idea that you get from just looking at Egypt from the outside comes best this idea that we separated an individual enclosed difficult to access and can happen and it’s this particular unusual environments that created this sense of superiority that you see flowing through all regions through the tests

so you don’t constantly say that Egypt represented by the king here is basically better than everybody else around him and when he normally tend to see foreigners in Egyptian texts and art they’re not only being smacked over the head by someone with a very large makes although chained up and being on a rock so not a normally nice presentation at least of the people on the outside but it isn’t really very far because Egypt did have lots of strong connections with the outside world from the very beginning of its history throughout the entire prodding period in pre-dynastic to you seeing people lunging forward

you see immigration going down and you’re also seeing lots of contacts with Syria Palestine about Libya new here as well and of course as you can expect all these things will impact Egyptian civilization it does not really exist in vacuum now these foreigners are to Egypt in different ways the one where typically finding you the text is those two who have prisoners-of-war people who became slave so you have lost unskilled laborers or the Egyptians these unfortunate individuals were regarded as the property of borough of a percept we work on temple estates all they worked for private individuals as well and sometimes apparently

they were branded as well now sometimes if you got a special skill you could also be used in a much better way but very pointy but generally these foreigners living in Egypt over time will acculturated into Egyptian ways so taking Egyptian behavior alia to material culture as well as slowly disappearing into the population we see across Egyptian history foreigners in many different ways in different occupations farmers laborers and priests cooks barbers shipbuilders cloth Smiths artists positions doctors magicians and so far lots and lots of different ways a fiber foreigner in ancient Egypt was the same even this overview

I’m giving now as an introduction much of this relates to New Kingdom material and anything that goes on before it we do all the Pleistocene books aimed at a general public the general popular audience but there’s also people in the past 15 20 years of the doing what’s a very hard work uncovering lots of great information about things that happened before that which this thing – still haven’t really permeated into the public mind things I haven’t really reached out enough for trismus that’s all gonna try to kick start today so let’s start at the very beginning we’ll look at the pre-dynastic period to begin with now talking very generally

in this period roughly 4000 to 3000 BC again very generally it’s Division of Egypt the lower Egyptian culture as it tends to be referred to these days or so so sometimes called the Navi brutal culture culture north and then the new guardians are the gardens in the south so to start with let’s focus for me you know projections look at than not because this is worth quite a lot of really exciting stuff being found by recent because there are lots of sites that are being found that show the strong connections between the Levant in a productive period the Delta so lots of strong connections

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