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Destan Episode 18 in Urdu Subtitles Free

Destan Episode 18 in Urdu Subtitles Free

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Destan Episode 18 Urdu Subtitles Free

I could have picked many different sites but for our purposes today to cook as much as I could we’re going to look at Maddie first of all very briefly and then tell Parker the name chicken hill that’s not the reason I picked it you know so first of all to look at my this area what she’s today they sevilla silver of cairo in the south this is one of the great locations we find a lot of evidence for interactions with the Levant in Egypt in this early time this is the site that was occupied from about 3500 BC to about it’s all we get very mad well

there’s certainly lots of evidence of foreign trade goods in this very early time it’s Mikula level we get a lot of answers for the area Syria more interestingly I think you find top of fish books and various other top riders as well so top opinions cover axes for England’s what significant here is our non metalworking facilities of so far been found of Maori so these objects seemingly are being brought in from the outside and studies of the copper itself does show that these are from a Palestinian sauce and so the Egyptians are not lining

they did the Sinai they’re getting it from further beyond it was a pilot of other depicted about iron objects to so so the scrapers lathes into walls be shaped Buster Falls all these things show the presence of foreigners of this site as well as the posturing also been plotted pottery has been founded all the different layers of Nadi also continuous trade at least is going on but what I particularly fascinating about Marty is the way that’s clear evidence actually moving up so you have this Palestinian style housing at Marley which is quite different from the Egyptian houses

in the lender at the Delta of the time so the Egyptian houses admire quite different in that they have build from perishable materials water living doll above-ground whereas the Palestinian style housing as underground these a subterranean dwellings with a roof over them supported by a column as you can see underground dwelling place what’s also significant is that they are using wood bricks mud brick construction is not known at this time Egypt and it seems to be something that their people grumble about upbringing in so

they’re using construction methods that were at this time to bricks wood bricks and stones and soft lining but these are quite similar to Ali’s he founded the Vienna body in the Levant as well these are oval or Tangela and just like the ones who have in Egypt and body they have a column to support the roof and this is the type of thing q5 doesn’t look particularly wobbly I suppose I won’t spend that much time what does seem to be the case now since the visa if sometimes said that this might just be places for storage but some of the objects


you find in these subterranean dwellings indicates long-term presence the indicator people were living inside these constructions so before it the walls weeping Flint knives and so forth the types of things that reflects that someone would have been living in here this embodies early prosperity seems to be connected with this it’s all to do with the foreigners with the trade with the device in fact the individual staying in these houses perhaps actors middlemen in this inspired trade network with the Egyptians and dealing with the traders become again last night this is quite early on

but telleth Parker is also particularly interesting mainly because what’s been found here is very new these excavations have been going on very recently and so lots of interesting new information is coming from this site as you can see its location the use of central Eastern Delta is also very good for Travis the perfect location when you’re coming across Louisa forests across the hall inside a clothesline an entry into Egypt this is a nice place to stop natella father it’s a little bit lighter than the early space of knobbies some 3600 BC we stopped caring

what full of evidence them for trade with the silver laps as well but where it seems to be is even at this very early point and then G complex for the redistribution of goods it’s the end point in the start point of a major trade route now in the early space there are 3600 in the siege of 2300 you have clear occupation by this lower Egyptian culture on the western side of the site you have what is indeed they say the earliest largest brewery in the world probably they were exporting its beer but they also have clear evidence from that phase of these connections and this continues to draw the line from the site

so the new Guardian is whether you have this swept off the nagamma culture they take this area in about 3300 this area whether the clear evidence of for taxes is destroyed but they then build a new massive residents on the exact same spots well they’re continuing the usage of this area in the site for his connection with but we find that artifact pottery in this residence seal impressions as well and this too was there though so destroyed by fire once again they build another building on the same spot for the same types of perks this time said

that we could put a building at the end of Megara 3 how do you find a porter a macster once again clear evidence of this connection on the trade route now in fact you even get materials from as far away as we get it the evidence did this higher assault as far as what the new guardian is wanted on this trade it seems that they were importing from the Levant Destan Episode 18 in Urdu Subtitles

why olive oil copper asphalt on bitumen as well as other goods as well an exchange though Egypt should seem to have been giving their brain meats especially we’ll talk more about that a second and probably also beer as well as I was saying is quite a lot actually beer this society now looking through the excavation forces fully because you notice that they were finding lots of pig bones it only the past with at least meat and they they they comment on this in the exhibition report saying that what’s going on is that a part of the body of the tape

that you want to eat they are probably being preserved in some way and then it sent off to dollar Bob just part of this trick that’s the same as dish despite there being a lot of evidence of the site for some industrial level fishing industry for Sipapu ins so forth you’re really evidence for the suggestion is just like they’re parts of the piece but they were sending fish over there are two and above the exact same time

that this is going on until a you do get evidence of mild fish players so it is a reasonable suggestion that from this location you’re sending meat and fish to be eaten by people about in exchange for coats and so the excavator suggests that because of the strong ongoing connections the importance of this site

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Destan Episode 18 in Urdu Subtitles


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