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Destan Episode 18 with English Urdu & Espanol Subtitles

Destan Episode 18 with English Urdu Espanol Subtitles Free

Destan Episode 18 with English Urdu Espanol Subtitles Free

it was probably not just a unknown along this trade route it was probably a major plus whether the beginning of the beginning and end of one of the major routes that into Egypt and that’s why this is so important it’s a lot maybe imagine then that throughout this entire phase the must have been lots of exchanging ly of goods as well as ideas and technology you know people who have been interacting with each other and so he did – never was in a vacuum there’s always ideas being grouped along particularly from what

we’ve just been saying the idea that look brick restriction might have entered Egypt as a result of interactions with people from all of that it’s also the idea that a variety of course entered via the Levant into Egypt as well but this is contested there’s lots of arguments about when writing the system that developed across the to you Jay into BIOS has influenced people’s opinions on this for these new languages with hieroglyphs on but Sir it’s possible some foreigners introduced writing to do chips now moving forward the Levites and educated to really turn a stick thanks

we know that the Egyptian involvement with the Levant then it intensifies incredibly around 3100 to about 3,000 see this is a time when in certain locations in the sample about you start getting a lot of Egyptian material focused on particular various and particularly in locations were previously there was no live anti-material torture so they taking spots it seems in this little about at this point now adults what can be classed as Egyptian pollens this was debated for a long time whether these colonies were real or not or whether they were just to know lips and the evidence this all changed with the excavation tell us a comment

this is a massively fortified building made in an injection style oriented the typically Egyptian style for the phases phase its regarded its they think as sort of administrative center for colony of Egyptians that were controlling this sort of about Mount Rainier so it wasn’t enough anymore for them in this space to simply be dealing new people the poorest person the Sinai they went out went into the civil abandoned took control of this trade network themselves in this lieu of location for this type of an endeavor as you can see two colonies were closed and as the end of the cyan Iron Throne along the coastline

so it’s an extremely good location colony of this kind now it’s not alone there are lots of other places nearby that also have strong Egyptian material culture for the space are basically virtually nothing of the local the multi material point you so one of these other major sciences and there saw this is probably staging post along the routes the trading routes that they were using at the time some of these places were you see a lot of Egyptian material culture and its location connected with a source of water that’s probably just there’s a good place to stop

\when your army are moving your para bands along good place to feed your bowels and to get some water for yourself as you are traveling or me – don’t routes but is very tiny it was only about twelve men estimate being based in El Paso and one of the roles they seemingly have on this route was to put the seals on so what the item that’s being moved along because during excavations they found 60 bucks the only bait play these have dynasty seal impressions upon we also are today in my life they sit there cats are very tiny so again something not really significant for a place legit shouldn’t seem to be stopping at as

they moved along similarly nearby when a very close to tell a separ yeah my man this would investigate a very tiny small community and it’s so close to thirst I can there’s probably some sort of satellite community that was connected with the major and my administrative center are the Egyptians were you see it and thereby just beyond field of these primarily Egyptian sites who have teller I this is a little location now people associated with Egyptians an Egyptian material culture for a while perhaps was a woman regarded as part of this told me if you will but really that’s until irani you find still more

the Levant viticulture advantage of shoe material so it seems to be typically the vampire settle number replaced where was Egyptian staying there for long periods of time so plots to frequent visitors at least put stop on this trade route or a place where you might have long-term residence from people to look at this all of you they were doing that this needs to be no real evidence that the Egyptians were involved in and it sort of bother at this time there is no evidence that they were going there militarily dominating people a little about there’s no arrow has for example founding the excavations

so to suggest that trade was the main purpose they were seeking by the end of the first dynasty the presence in the house decreases incredibly dramatic now why did this happen just seem to be that these local city states in the South people about say between or independently during an authority becoming more 45 and Egyptians to decided it seems to stop traveling by sea instead

so why travel through the circle of my its colonies when you can simply just say look they cross the Mediterranean though to the sauce but what we wanted and also is the same time of time of increased military hostility against the soul about but in general it seems across be another dynastic period

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