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Destan Episode 19 in Urdu Subtitles Free

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Destan Episode 19 in Urdu Subtitles Free

Destan Episode 19 in Urdu Subtitles Free

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Destan Episode 19 Urdu Subtitles Free

it is so hard to even conceive of history before the printed word prehistory literally so when we think about the Stone Age most of what comes to mind cavemen Neanderthals just eking out survival covered in furs maybe at first the Stone Age artisans were taking pigments mixed in their mouth and spraying it on simple shapes like their hands and other things to create images on the wall but even before the end of the last ice age we start seeing gorgeous sophisticated images like it altameyer Spain and Lascaux and France now some of these images have become so famous

so well known to us that we actually fail to consider their deeper cultural implications and how they actually challenged some of our notions of the Stone Age let’s take for example the caves of Lascaux in these caves that you see very common pigments chalk red clay yellow clay even charcoal that has been used from burned wood but we have now taken chemical analysis of some of those paintings and we know that some of that black it’s actually a very rare form of manganese called Haussmann 8 even more interesting the nearest place where you can find that Houseman

it– the manganese is 150 miles away in the Pyrenees in the mountains furthermore in order to derive manganese from the stones that contain it you have to burn it in a fire that it measures at least 16 hundred and 50 degrees Fahrenheit in order to get that color think about that a Stone Age artist was so careful about choosing his blacks that he decided he needed manganese from 150 miles away rot in a 1650 degree temperature just to have something different than charcoal there are other considerations to be made height for example many of these caves have pictures

so high that some sort of scaffolding would have had to have been used it would have had to have been engineered to hoist the artisan up high enough so that they could have painted something in a steady in a fashion to create such sophisticated images also light source caves notoriously dark right so was there some sort of apprentice 17,000 years ago that had to hold aloft a torch just so an artist could paint sun-dappled creatures at minimum this should change our perspective of cavemen but maybe it also should change our opinion of the importance of art

there you go that’s your art prehistory lesson for today I hope you enjoyed it check out our other videos and join us next time on history etc color we’re talking about color today in Greek sculpture a fresh look at a whitewashed history according to Western views of cultural history the Greeks perfected art the Romans they copied it the dark ages they lost it and the Renaissance have found the perfection of antiquity now most of these ideas were based on the perfection of human form of course and the idea was that the Greeks had created


these beautiful natural idealized posed forms of the human body and everyone else they just kind of flattened and disfigured it this kind of history was written around the 19th and 20th century when the idea of Greek antique form had so pervaded Western thought that already they were taking color something that had been reserved for royalty and the fabulously wealthy for eons and they dismissed it as vulgar and garish but now technology is actually allowing us to reconsider rewrite our cultural history here’s the thing they got

it wrong inspired by all this ethereal white marble neoclassicism took off but they failed to recognize that throughout ancient Greek history all this white marble the architecture the sculpture and covered with paint that was the tradition skin hair eyebrows even eyes were set with colored jewels every bit of marble was covered with beautiful vibrant colors for centuries anyone that saw the Parthenon would think that other than it’s obvious ruins it was otherwise as it had been created in this ethereal beautiful white marble no other change had occurred except

that had fallen over and in fact so great was its form considered to be that even at the time of its creation the architect and the artist behind it Phidias was said to have been the only person on earth ever to have been able to see and perceive the true forms of the immortal gods now by the time all these things have been unearthed in the Renaissance or gazed upon by Renaissance eyes of course all of the natural pigments were fugitive and fragile they had been scoured away by the wind and faded by the Sun and abraded by time they looked pure white

because they had been existing for thousands of years already and so the pure white ideals of classical antiquity pervaded the later generations the minds of people of thousands of years later and even though we can detect today these micro flecks of pigment and understand their chemical analysis at their very makeup and even the placement of them on these sculptures it’s hard for people to radically realign their thinking about what Greek antiquity

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Destan Episode 19 in Urdu Subtitles


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