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Destan Episode 20 in English Subtitles Free

Watch and Download  Destan Episode 20 in English Subtitles By Top20series UHD 1080p For Free. Destan Season 1 latest Episodes 20 On Top20Series. Those who are searching for watching Destan English subtitles in Ultra HD 1080 resolution free of cost, have found a right platform. 

Destan Episode 20 in English Subtitles Free

Destan Episode 20 in English Subtitles Free

Destan Episode 20 English Subtitles Free

did you know that there are 11 constellations named after hercules and the labors he completed including sagittarius the arrow leo the lion and of course the fifth largest constellation hercules hello and welcome to ancient history encyclopedia my name is kelly and today we’re going to explore the legend of ‘s greatest hero in Greek mythology the demigod hercules don’t forget the easiest way to support us is to give this video a like and subscribe to our channel to not miss any new uploads the Greek demigod

Heracles better known in under the Roman name of Hercules is famous for his strength and stamina as well as a number of known adventures as the twelve labors of hercules in which he defeated powerful monsters like the nine-headed hydra and cerberus the hound of the underworld but more on that later hercules was the son of the god zeus and the mortal woman alcamini despite his heroic strength he lived a very difficult life due to zeus’s wife hira seeking to destroy him the name heracles which he adopted later in life signifies the glory of Hera,

which means that would become famous for his difficulties with the goddess who hated him as living evidence of yet another of her husband’s affairs he was brought up in the court of his supposed father amphitrion and was taught a number of skills including how to play the liar horseback riding how to drive a chariot wrestling fencing and archery hercules didn’t know his own strength though and when he accidentally killed his music teacher linus he was sent to tend to the flocks to keep him out of trouble

he didn’t stay out of trouble for long for he heard that the the ban army had been defeated by an army of minions so he led an army of theban warriors to defeat the minions and restore order at thebes in thanks creon the king of thebes gave his daughter megara in marriage to hercules hercules and megura lived happily for some time and had many children until hira set a madness upon hercules which made him kill his children and in some versions of the myth megura and also Hercules was consumed in by pain but his cousin the hero theseus convinced him to atone for his sins

so hercules visited the oracle of delphi which told him to seek out his cousin eurystheus the king of tirins and mycenae who would devise of him ten challengers known as labours to rid him of his sins and so he did the twelve labours were purposely devised by eurystheus as impossible because he was here as champion no mortal would have survived any of them and even for a demigod they were incredibly dangerous and difficult the first labor was to kill the nemean lion which couldn’t be killed by any weapon so hercules trapped it in a cave and strangled


it he then skinned it and wore its skin as a cloak first labor done his second labor was to kill the linnaean hydra a creature similar to a dragon but it had nine venomous heads and when you cut off one of its heads two more would grow back with help from his nephew aiolis hercules would cut off a head and then iolis would sear the neck so no more heads could grow back for future use hercules dipped some of his arrows in the hydro venom which would kill very painfully this labor however was disqualified because hercules had help hercules third

the job was to capture the serene doe a deer with golden horns sacred to artemis hercules searched for the deer for an entire year until he finally took it down with an arrow to the hoof artemis didn’t want to let him take the deer but she allowed him when she heard of his tasks third labor check his fourth labor took him to the land of the centaurs to capture the erimanthian boar the wine that hercules brought with him to lure the boar drew the attention of the centaurs and he had to kill many of them before finally capturing the erimanthian bore fourth labor done

hercules next challenge was to clean out the stables of algiers in one day eurystheus thought this should be impossible due to the vast size of the stables and the size of the herd however Hercules diverted the course of two rivers to run through the middle of the stables and had the labour done quite quickly however hercules bargained with king algias proposing his cleaning services for one-tenth of the herd after hercules had completed his task not only did algias refuse to honour his bargain but eurystheus disqualified the labour saying

he shouldn’t be working for a prophet in any of his tasks for his sixth labor he had to drive away the stimphaleian birds which were man-eating birds with feathers of armor and pointed beaks sharp like knives they killed people with their beaks and then ate them hercules did this with a rattle gifted to him by athena and as they flew away he shot them down another labour check for labour seven hercules had to retrieve the cretan bull from conosos which belonged to king minos and was sacred to the god poseidon now minos didn’t want the bull anymore

because his wife had had a child with it the minotaur so hercules took it and rode it across the sea back to eurystheus labour 7 completed hercules next labor was to retrieve the mares of diomedes these mares were fed with human flesh so no one could go near them but hercules simply fed diameters to the horses and once they were full he brought them back to eurystheus success hercules then had to retrieve the girdle of hippolyta queen of the amazons hercules was initially welcomed by the amazons but the women soon turned against him as

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