Destan Episode 20 with English and Urdu Subtitles Free


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Destan Episode 20 with English and Urdu Subtitles Free

Destan Episode 20 with English and Urdu Subtitles Free

Destan Episode 20 with English and Urdu Subtitles Free

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so what was the impetus for these fights between greece also, persia at the hour of the first military mission in 490 bce persia was subject to darius the first who had previously extended the persian borders through central area europe counting thrace ionia and macedonia which is the reason he is otherwise called darius the incredible also, for his next success and extension darius had his eyes set on athens also, the greek city-states there are a not many reasons that caused enough disdain between the persians furthermore, the greek city-states to warrant darius’ choice however,

the essential one was the ionian revolt the ionians were greeks who had settled in asia minor which was as of now under persian rule at the point when they rebelled against the persians athens and eretria sent help to the ionians checking it as the primary significant fight between the greeks and the persians the second would be the athenians and Lot of Eretrian from the city of Sardis in 499 bce additionally under persian rule by then in 492 darius sent a corrective endeavor against greece in reprisal however was compelled to pull out

because of the supporting armada being annihilated in a tempest in the aegean then in 491 bce darius sent agents to greece mentioning they submit to persian rule furthermore, accordingly athens and sparta both killed the emissaries sparta and athens form a coalition of against the persians also, accordingly darius sent 25 000 men on 600 boats to go after the cyclades also, devia he neglected to take the cyclities in any case, cut down avia bringing him nearer to his objective of the triumph of greece the main significant fight between the persians and the greeks was the fight of long distance race in 490

bce the persian armed force which numbered to maybe 90 000 infantry was driven not by darius be that as it may, by his leader dartus while darius’ nephew and second in order artefernis may have driven the 2000 solid mounted force the greeks were driven by either kalimicus or miltiardis who shared order and the military added up to between 10,000 what’s more, 20,000 in addition to 1,000 levels the spartans were called to help yet since they were in a strict festival they said that they would join the safeguard when their ceremonies were finished up

the persian’s arrangement was to draw the athenians from their city and afterward send half of their soldiers to sack and possess it the athenians realize that they were leaving their city undefended however, whenever miltiardis saw an opportunity for the assault he promptly requested a full development upon the persians whose military was for the most part dependent on rocket troops the athenian weighty phalanx had the option to break the persian lions of light infantry and afterward encompass and butcher them at the finish of the skirmish of long distance race a courier named fire appointees

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without completing his arrangements and his child xerxes succeeded him as head xerxes endured four years arranging his intrusion of greece since he was unable to leave greece unpunished thus collected the biggest armed force up to that date to guarantee his all out triumph the persians fabricated a boat span at the hellespont for their soldiers to cross the water into the domain of the greek city-states without any problem the greek city-states sent a joint power of between 6,000 and 7,000 men to protect the pass at the mopolai

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