Destan Episode 24 with English and Urdu Subtitles Free


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Destan Episode 24 with English and Urdu Subtitles Free

Destan Episode 24 with English and Urdu Subtitles Free

Did you know that a woman was once the  true power behind the Roman Empire? Julia Domna was a Roman empress born in Emesa,  Syria, who lived between 160 to 217 CE. She   was the wife of Roman emperor Septimius Severus  and mother to the emperors Geta and Caracalla.   Whilst her husband and then her son was  emperor, Julia Domna exercised some power;   the extent of it is still being disputed, but  there is evidence for her receiving petitions,   management of official correspondence and management the empire.

She was well-read and astute in   political matters and surrounded herself with  artists, scholars and thinkers, and gained the   title “Mother of Camps” from 195 CE, due to her  accompanying Severus on campaign, and eventually   her title was extended to “Mother of Augustus, of the Camps, of the Senate and of the Country”. In 160 CE, Julia was born at Emesa, Syria and  his last name, Domna, means “black”, which means to do with the sun god El-Gabal (Elagabalus), whose  cult stone was black.

A cognomen is something like   an extra name given to a Roman citizen; it was  something personal which functioned a bit like   a nickname, but was typically passed from father  to son. Her family was a wealthy and politically   well-connected one, and the site of Emesa was  both an important religious and commercial center location . His father was a high priest of the sun god El-Gabal, and her older sister, Julia Maesa,   she also ended up being the grandmother of two future Roman emperors – Elagabalus and Severus Alexander.  

After the death of her father’s uncle,  Julius Agrippa, who was a senior centurion   of a Roman legion and a very wealthy man,  Julia Domna was left his entire estate.   According to the “Historia Augusta”, which is  considered mostly legendary, in around 180 CE,   Septimius Severus who was a Libyan general in the  Roman army and who had lost his wife, travelled to   Syria based on an omen that he would find his  second wife there. Severus met Julia’s father   Gaius Julius Bassianus, who in turn introduced  Severus to his unmarried young daughter.   

Funnily enough, Julia’s horoscope had  predicted she would one day marry a king,   and in 187, Severus’ omen came  true and the two of them wed. Severus wasn’t yet a king though, but in 193 CE,  an opportunity presented itself that would perhaps   fulfil Julia Domna’s horoscope. The Roman emperor  Pertinax was assassinated by the Praetorian Guard,   and then the throne to the empire was auctioned  To the best offer this bidder was appointed senator Giuliano. The Roman people were  unimpressed and denounced the regime, and with   that came three generals who challenged Julianus  for the throne – Severus included.

Severus marched   on Rome whilst also possessing greater diplomacy  skills, and he was recognised by the Senate as   the new Emperor to Rome, which put an end to the  period now known as the Year of Five Emperors.Now that Severus was Emperor, Julia Domna became empress and solidified the imperial   power of her family. She wasn’t the only one vying  for influence with Severus, as was his praetorian   prefect Plautianus, and at one point Julia Domna  was even charged with adultery, a power struggle   which she must have won since Plautianus was  executed for plotting to overthrow Severus’   family in 205 CE.

Julia accompanied her husband  on imperial travels and military campaigns,   especially when he made trips to the east. Julia  Domna used her position to surround herself with   philosophers and artists, and she promoted  their ideas; most famously Philostratus, who   tells a story in his famous “Life of Apollonius of Tyana”, of Empress Julia Domna, and her demands.   He made particular enhancements to the text to  elevate the philosopher Apollonius’ stature. In 211 CE, Julia Domna was with her  husband when he died of an illness,   and according to his will, their two sons Geta  and Caracalla became joint emperors of Rome.  

This didn’t play out quite like Severus hoped,  since there was so much animosity between the two   brothers that they lived at different ends of the  city. There is evidence that shows that both boys   plotted against the other with Julia attempting  to mediate between them. Caracalla expressed an   interest in reconciling with his brother, so Julia  granted a meeting for the two boys in her private   apartments, but unsurprisingly this was all a  ruse;

Geta was rushed by Caracalla’s centurions   and he was stabbed to death, and died in his  mother’s arms – who according to Cassius Dio,   was so entirely covered in his blood that she  didn’t even realise she had a wounded hand.   Caracalla became the sole ruler of Rome and  immediately asked for a “damn souvenir” against his brother, which literally  means the condemnation of memory,   and meant that Geta’s name would not  appear on any official Roman documents,   and often meant the destruction of images.  Brutal stuff!Because of the ‘damnatio memoriae’,   it would have been unsafe for Julia Domna to  show any sorrow over the death of her son,   even in private, for fear that Caracalla  would have her assassinated too.  

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