Destan Episode 4 in English Subtitles Free


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Destan Episode 4 in English Subtitles Free
Destan Episode 4 in English Subtitles Free

Destan Episode 4 in English Subtitles Release Date

  • Series Name: Barbaroslar (Barbarossa)
  • Season: 1
  • Language: Turkish (English Subtitles)
  • Release Date: 15-December-2021
  • Production: ATV

Destan, the new series of ATV screens, is becoming the center of attention with its increasing dose of excitement every week. Epic Episode 4, Trailer 2, signed by Bozdağ Film, left its mark on social media with magnificent images. The new episode trailer of the series, which attracts attention with its different costumes and designs, managed to make a name for itself. What will happen in the 4th episode of the epic series? Will Akkız and Batuga act together? What did Batuga say to his father Alpagu Khan? The questions will find their answers on Tuesday, December 14 at 20:00 on ATV.

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What happened between Batuga and Akkız?
The new introduction of the epic started with the dialogue between Batuga and Akkız. Akkız responds to Batuga’s sentence “If I hadn’t pulled you out of there, you would have died in the mines”, “At least I wouldn’t have died like the ‘stamped property’ of the Sky Palace”.

The strong girls of the Mountain Khanate did not accept the slavery of the Gök Khanate, which was one of the most striking moments of the new episode trailer. Akkız, who does not accept to be a slave, reveals her power by saying “The claw of a double-headed wolf, the captive neither dies nor becomes a slave”. Another of the moments that marked the new promotion of Episode 4 of the epic was the fight scenes.

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The new episode trailer also draws attention to what happened between Batuga and his father Alpagu Khan. Batuga is seen saying to his father, “You took my mother from me, and I took your son from you.”

Ebru Şahin as Akkız character and Edip Tepeli as Batuga character in the lead roles will be on ATV screens with the 4th Episode of Epic. Destan Episode 4 will be on ATV on Tuesday, December 14th at 20.00.

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In Destan Episode 4 in English the epic, Akkız’s days of slavery in the Gök Saray began. Akkız, who does not accept to be a slave despite the stamp etched on her skin, swears to kill Alpagu Khan and flee from the Sky Palace and puts her plan into action.

Ulu Ece is determined to make the Mountain girls, who remind her of Kuma Hatun Talisman, regret that they were born. As a result of repeated injustices, Akkız finds herself in front of Temur Tegin. Batuga, on the other hand, makes a desperate effort to protect Akkız from the torments of Ulu Ece and to abduct her from the palace. Despite the fire from his wound, Alpagu Khan returned to his throne and pursued the archer who tried to kill him. Alpagu Han’s investigation gradually approaches Saltuk and Çolpan, and therefore Akkız.

Destan Episode 4 in English Subtitles


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