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Discovery of the earliest animal footprints in China

Discovery of the earliest animal footprints in China
Discovery of the earliest animal footprints in China

Discovery of the earliest animal footprints in China

The oldest footprints of any animal have been discovered in southern China. The mark is thought to be 45 million years old, but no animal has been identified.

In this fossil (archeology) two footprints can be seen and this is the oldest record of any legged animal.

The research was carried out by a Chinese team and published in the journal Science Advances. Researchers do not know for sure whether the animal had two legs or more, but they believe it It is more likely that these marks belong to a ‘bi-latrine’ animal.

Bi-litrion is a type of animal whose external organs are in pairs and the same group is found in large numbers today in the form of various subtypes around the world.

Footprints have been discovered in the Yangtze George area in southern China. The rocks in which these marks are found are between 551 million and 541 million years old.

Zhi Chen, co-author of the study, told AFP that fossils discovered in the past were between 530 and 540 million years old. These fossils are about 10 million years old and more.


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Scientists in South Africa have discovered a small rock that they say contains the oldest drawing in human history.

The painting is said to be about 73,000 years old, based on parallel lines and made of red clay on stone.

Scientists have discovered this small piece of painting from Bloomboz Cave on the south coast. Some say the painting looks somewhat like a ‘hashtag’, meaning #. While scientists around the world are discovering ancient paintings, the study, published Wednesday in the journal Nature, found that the lines on the rock The first is imaginary painting.

According to research, ancient artists used “red clay and wax” to paint on stone.

Humans have been using red clay for at least 285,000 years, archaeologist Christopher Henschelwood told Reuters.

“The sudden disappearance of these lines on the edges of the rocks meant that they were spread over a large area,” he said.

Modern man is said to have first appeared 315,000 years ago in what is now Africa.

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For the first time in 60 years, archaeologists in Israel have found a cave in the desert that once contained ancient documents.

According to the Hebrew University of Israel, ancient documents are missing from the cave and it appears that the Bedouins looted the cave in the 1950s.

From the cave were found jars containing documents and leather straps to tie them.

Archaeological finds from the cave are believed to date back to the 4th century BC. According to experts, there are about 800 such documents written on leather in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek. These documents contain a great deal of information about ancient human lifestyles.

It should be noted that these documents were first discovered in Palestine in 1947.

Although it is not clear who wrote these ancient documents, it is believed that they were compiled by an ancient Jewish sect.

Dr. Gutfield, an archaeologist at the Hebrew University, says that “until now it was thought that these documents were found in only 11 caves in the Qamran area, but there is no doubt that this is the twelfth cave.

He added that it appears that those who received the documents took them with them and that the jars containing the documents were thrown into the cave.

According to Dr. Gutfield, there may be hundreds more such caves.

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