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Florence Nightingale who dedicated her life to modernizing nursing

Florence Nightingale who dedicated her life to modernizing nursing
Florence Nightingale who dedicated her life to modernizing nursing

Florence Nightingale who dedicated her life to modernizing nursing

Nurses around the world, caring for patients in white uniforms and speaking softly, keep alive the tradition of an extraordinary girl born almost two hundred years ago today.

Instead of succumbing to the pressures of her time and family and getting married, the girl sought to fulfill her childhood dream.

She was very different from other girls of her time. He had no interest in dolls, doll games or childhood hobbies, but his favorite hobby was reading books. And the tune of learning something new was riding on them all the time.

Florence Nightingale was born on May 12, 1820, into a wealthy Italian family. He was nicknamed “Florence” after his birthplace, but grew up in a village in England.

Little did she know that she would dedicate her life to something. And then she stuck to her commitment all her life. She grew up with her sister Parthenpi. The sister was also named after another town in Italy.

She was very clean, serious and organized and used to put everything in its place. On the contrary, his sister was a bit naughty and tried to distract Florence from her studies by doing mischief. But Florence was sure of her tune. The only thing on her mind all the time was that she wanted to do something big in her life. He never let this idea fade from his mind. Wherever he went, he had a book in his hand. People started calling him a ‘bookworm’. But it didn’t matter to her because she knew she was different from other girls.

As time went on, his intentions became stronger and the picture of the future became clearer to him. She wanted to do something and for that she chose a difficult field like nursing.

His family objected. According to the tradition of the time, he wanted Florence to marry a nobleman and settle down. But Florence knew that being a wife and mother would not be enough for her. She wanted to do more than that in life, so she stuck to her word.

Now he began to pay more attention to books. She was not ready to change her ways at any cost.

Fulfillment of Childhood Dreams There was no regular training of nurses in those days. Until her father agreed to allow her to work, she read books and pondered how to train nurses to care for the sick. Can

She finally found the opportunity she had been looking for for years. About 1840, British troops were fighting in the Russian region of Crimea, about 2,000 miles away. There was a hospital near the battlefield where the wounded were brought. But instead of healing, their wounds got worse.

He was offered to train a team of nurses in war-torn Crimea. They taught the nurses the basic principles of hygiene and hygiene. Taught them to be clean and tidy. His team was soon ready to take on their responsibilities.

When she left for the battlefield, Florence was not afraid of what kind of patients she would have, but she was worried that she would have to take advantage of this opportunity to prove herself a successful nurse.

The hospital was in an old military fort, which took several weeks to reach. What they saw there was worse than they had imagined. There was a hundred stench. The wounded soldiers were lying on the floor covered in blood. Flies were buzzing over their open wounds. There were lice and worms in the clothes and sheets.

Basic Principles of Nursing

Florence immediately realized what was lacking in patient care. She knew what she had to do and was not going to back down.

The doctor at first refused to allow him to work there, but the situation was so bad that Florence persuaded the doctor, after which the doctor allowed him to work there on a trial basis.

It was a rare opportunity for Florence to prove what good nursing is. Their basic principles were cleanliness and hygiene.

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He first assigned a team of nurses to clean every corner of the building. She knew the wounded needed a clean environment and good food. Nature will heal their wounds.

They did not allow the nurses to rest until the place was well cleaned. Then new sheets were laid on the beds. Once cleaned, the hospital was permanently cleaned.

These were the basic principles of good care for him: cleanliness, hygiene and keeping everything in order. His team then looked into the soldiers’ wounds. This environment began to have an immediate positive effect on the health of soldiers.

Florence used to work with nurses all day and at night she would visit the injured ward.

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