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Four interesting facts about the planet

Four interesting facts about the planet
Four interesting facts about the planet

Four interesting facts about the planet

Many things about this planet have become so ingrained in our minds that we do not ask any questions about them. We believe that what we know is true. But not necessarily in every case.

Matt Brown, a scientist who writes about the facts about the world, in his book ‘Every Thing You New About Planet Earth from Rang’, has mentioned a few things that ‘What you know about the planet is wrong’. Challenge your information.

He mentioned four interesting things about the world in an interview. 2060 square kilometers of Nomenclature
Many places on the planet are known as Nomenclature Land because of the lawsuits and monopolies of land, beaches, authority, power and trade between different countries and you may have heard of its existence. According to, it is an empty area between the borders of two or more countries over which no country has legal authority. However, it is legally claimed.

But there is a place in Africa where no country asserts its right. This area is known as ‘Beer Tawil’ or ‘Beer Tawil’ and covers an area of ​​2,060 square kilometers and is located between the borders of Egypt and Sudan. The region existed at the beginning of the 20th century. I came when Egypt and Sudan drew their borders in such a way that the area did not come under anyone’s control.

Beer is a long arid region and the land here is barren so no one wants to adopt it.

But the area has attracted a lot of people.

In 2014, a farmer from Virginia, USA, hoisted a flag here and declared himself the governor of the ‘state of North Sudan’. He wanted his daughter to become a princess.

  1. The first person to travel around the world?

Was the Portuguese expedition that Ferdinand Magellan was the first to explore the world and did he name the world’s largest ocean?

This is not correct. However, there is no denying that Ferdinand Magellan, born in 1480, was the first European to cross the Pacific Ocean.

In 1519, Magellan set out by sea with a large group in search of Spice Island. After several years, the group reached the place where it left off after three years.

the film
, Photo caption
The role of Ferdinand Magellan in Wise of Discovery is played by Eduardo Giorgio

However, few people survived to celebrate the journey that began in Spain. The group began the journey with 270 people, but only 18 survived at the end of the journey. Magellan also died during the trip.

During this voyage, Magellan arrived on the east coast of the Philippines in 1521. The locals took them to Cebu Island.

Magellan and his staff became friends with the locals. They even prepared to fight their enemies on their neighboring island.

In the attack, Magellan was hit by a poisoned arrow that killed him. However, the rest of the people searched for Spice Island and then returned to Spain by a short route.

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Magellan was not the first European to travel the Pacific.

Years later, a Spanish expedition that reached the Pacific coast via Vasco Nیزواez de Balboa Panama, waving its sword in the air, claimed to have discovered it. Is there land by the sea?
We think that whether the end of the sea is known or not, but it must be the shore. Many seas are surrounded by land, such as the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea. Sometimes it is not known when an ocean meets a continent, but in such cases the range is determined by the chain of islands.

However, there is an ocean whose shores do not meet the land. And this is the Sargosa Sea.

It is located west of the Atlantic Ocean, and its boundaries are determined by the waves that move from the North Pole to one side.

Due to the whirling waves of the Pacific Ocean, the waters of the Circus Sea remain calm and do not merge. Earthquake magnitude is measured on the Richter scale?

We are taught in schools that the magnitude of an earthquake is measured on the Richter scale. But this is not really accurate information.

It was built in 1930 by geologists Charles Richter and Beyonc گو Gutenberg just to measure the energy generated by an earthquake in California. It was a kind of seismograph.

Based on this, a new system was created in 1970 and is used by geologists as a scale and is called seismological scale.

It is widely used, but because of the length of the name, it is usually written and spoken on the Richter scale.

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