The meteoric rise of Hande Erçel on social media continues!


Hande Erçel, a well-known actress, has seen her career take off when the Sen al Kapm series, in which she recently appeared, was televised in 85 countries.

The number of followers on Hande Erçel’s Instagram account is also growing. Hande Erçel rose to international fame thanks to the TV series “Sen al Kapm,” which is still broadcast in many countries.

The meteoric rise of Hande Erçel on social media continues!

The actress, who was photographed for Elle Magazine, also revealed her swimsuit poses on her 28 million-follower Instagram account. In a short period of time, Hande Erçel’s post earned almost 1 million 800 thousand likes.

Melisa Döngel, with whom she co-starred in the series Sen al Kapm,Maya Başol, who played her daughter in the series, also had positive things to say about the famed actress’s sharing. The actress, who has been gone from the spotlight for a while,

recently attended the 2022 Elle Awards Style Awards night. With her style, Hande Erçel, who won the ELLE Girl of the Year award, has been compared to Lady Gaga, one of the world’s biggest stars. After leaving Kerem Bürsin, with whom she played a role in the TV series Sen al Kapm,

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