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Joe Biden Visits Europe: What Do We Know About US President’s Air Force One, Special Helicopters and The Best?

Joe Biden Visits Europe: What Do We Know About US President's Air Force One, Special Helicopters and The Best?
Joe Biden Visits Europe: What Do We Know About US President’s Air Force One, Special Helicopters and The Best?

Joe Biden Visits Europe: What Do We Know About US President’s Air Force One, Special Helicopters and The Best?

US President Joe Biden is in Britain on his first foreign trip. President Biden’s eight-day visit to Europe. President Joe Biden will attend the G7 summit during his stay in the UK before leaving for Europe, after which he is scheduled to meet with the Queen.

Biden’s engagements in Europe include attending a NATO summit and meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva.

US President Joe Biden does not find it easy to visit any country, he carries with him a lot of equipment. Their convoy also includes a number of special vehicles to make their land and air travel safer and more comfortable.

The most important part of the US President’s journey is his plane, which has been named Air Force One.

The plane of the US President landed at RAF Mildenhall Air Force Base in Suffolk, UK on Wednesday. The president met with U.S. military personnel at the airport, after which he left for Cornwall.

As stated on the White House website, Air Force One is actually a name used to denote air traffic control that is used on any Air Force aircraft on which the President is aboard.

But most of the time this identification is used for two white and blue Boeing 747-200B series aircraft with telcodes 28000 and 29000.

The ships are equipped with state-of-the-art communications, defense and avionics equipment, as well as a system for avoiding the ‘electromagnetic pulse’ as well as a firefighting system to protect against surface-to-air missiles. This means that in the event of an enemy attack on the United States, these ships can also act as a control center.

These aircraft also have the facility to refuel during the flight, which also gives these aircraft the ability to stay in the air indefinitely.

Inside the ships is 4,000 square feet of space divided into three floors. In addition to the presidential suite, there is a place for medical aid, a place to eat and a separate place for advisers, intelligence officials and journalists.

Marine One: US President’s Helicopter

To travel short distances, US presidents use helicopters that can be easily identified by their dark green and white roof.

Marine One is known for the helicopters used by the President and is more than one. The president typically uses two VH3DC King and VH60N White Hawk helicopters.

Similar helicopters fly alongside Marine One helicopters, with the aim of not letting the president know that he is actually on a helicopter.

These helicopters also fly the Osprey MV22, also known as the Green Top, for security.

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People living in the UK will remember that during the visit of former US President Donald Trump to the UK, tilt rotor planes used to fly in the skies of London. These planes can fly vertically and land on the ground and soar in the air. These ships can operate both helicopters and turboprop aircraft.

US President’s limousine: ‘The Best’

When the US president travels by road, he uses a car called Cadlock One, also known as ‘The Best’, instead of Air Force One or Marine One.

This type of vehicle began to be used for the US President in 2018.

The vehicle was developed by General Motors Company with the help of intelligence agencies and they did not disclose any details about the safety equipment installed in it. But according to reports, it weighs nine tons and its roof is bulletproof and its body is ‘armored plated’.

It also has tear gas shells, cameras in the dark and satellite phones. It can be a sealed chamber or space for passengers and its tires are designed so that they can run even if they are punctured.

The Beast accommodates up to seven people and carries medical equipment, including a refrigerator that holds the President’s blood type to deal with any emergency or emergency situation. Are

The convoy of vehicles of the President includes many vehicles including security, medical staff, advisers and journalists.

US intelligence officials arrived in Cornwall just before the president’s arrival to secure the site before the G7 summit and to monitor the routes from where the president’s car, Best One, arrived. Have to go

Former President Barack Obama’s car had a difficult time entering the street when he arrived at the residence of the British Prime Minister on Ten Downing Street.

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