Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 1 English Subtitles, BOLUM 131, Review

Hello Friends! Welcome to top20series The Kurulus Osman Season 5 series has left the fans very anxious Every day new news increases their curiosity Eagerly waiting for a great season, fans check every news Every news from the set to the change in the cast keeps them interested Be it the inclusion of new characters or the separation of old characters, the interest of fans is increasing day by day Fans try to guess by knowing about the cast and set How the Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 1 is going to deliver Will the story begin in such a manner?

Which will be able to impress everyone Kurulus Osman series was enjoying its heyday But last season’s faltering storyline hindered the success of this great series And then day by day the rating of the series went down Seeing their favorite series presenting a weak story,

the fans also raised objections But despite several attempts, the series could not regain its old position Now the fans as well as the team of the series have already got their hopes up for the Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 1 season Fans are waiting for their demands to be fulfilled and the story to be strengthened historically

There, the team of the series is busy day and night trying to make the story of the season perfect in every way A lot of work has been done on the cast along with great preparations on the set We already told you that 15 to 20 new characters will be added And since now the budget of the series has also been increased So surely a great season awaits us

In the Kurulus Osman Season 5, a great era of the Ottoman Empire is going to begin This independent state was announced in the last season’s finale

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Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 1 English Subtitles, BOLUM 131, Review

  • the fans are left wondering What kind of era will the Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 1 season bring?
  • Would the whole environment have changed?
  • And a glorious kingdom will be shown?
  • What big surprises will this historic period bring to the fans?
  • What new characters and locations will be introduced?
  • Will the enemy again surround Osman Bay from all sides?
  • Will Bayindir Bey and his fellow characters disappear now?

In addition, will talk about Osman Bey’s new look will be completely different? We will also share all the important information about the shooting and release date of the upcoming season in this video So watch the video till the end And subscribe our channel Fans are eagerly waiting for the highlights of the Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 1 season as Kurulus Osman series returns Every day they wonder when the new season will be in front of them with a great surprise Meanwhile,

he is keeping a close eye on the upcoming season news and the team’s preparations for the series This time also the series of latest news is continuing from the set And then the fans are checking all the news regarding the departure of the characters The separation of some characters is bothering them So the inclusion of new characters also makes them happy And then everyone is waiting for the characters who disappeared in the past Fans frequently ask questions about these minor characters

Who put four moons in the series And now as young warriors they have to come forward Ahmed Alp and kayi Saltuq are on the top of this list Ahmed Alp is the first minor character of Kurulus Osman series Who had made a home in the hearts of the fans But then the fans were disappointed But the series didn’t bother to bring Ahmed Alp back Yet Ahmed Alp was not only mentioned in the series to encourage the fans Instead,

the fans were kept waiting by giving hope for his return At the end of the third season, Bala Khatun talked about Ahmed Alp’s return the next morning The series also planned for the character to return in the fourth season But later this decision was changed And Ahmed Alp’s role could not be revealed But fans kept asking about it

Now there are many possibilities That the character will return Young warrior companions are also part of the cast of the Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 1 season As Actimore Bay made a grand entry Exactly the same way Ahmed Alp will be brought to hear And it’s possible that before the character returns in the new season, we’ll find out that he’s on a mission at the behest of Osman Bey And then came out as the main character in a major victory against

the Byzantines Talk about Kayi Seltuk Alp So, the story of Cerkutay and the Aygul Woman changed Kayi Alp’s return was unlikely But since in the series he has been given the name of Sultoq and attributed to the historical character So now it will be necessary to bring it back Even so, as a Sultan, we will see Qai Saltuk being a part of great conquests Also, the return of Ertugrul,

the son of Savci Bey, remains a mystery And the series may give this surprise at some point Fans who were questioning about Edugado Bey What will be the effect on Ayesha Khatun’s role ending? So the series may have perfected the role of Ayesha Khatun Because there are plans to bring out the character of Edugado Bey In the beginning, the series may have given the impression that Edugado has gone with the uncouth woman And

then it should be enlarged and brought back Osman Bey’s children will also be mentioned First let’s go to the characters who left the series Earlier, the news of Kumral Abdal’s departure from the series was reported Then it came to know that Ayesha Khatun is also no longer a part of the series And then Bayindir Bey’s close associate Hussain’s story in the series was reported to have ended There are many characters who will not be a part of the Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 1 season They will also include characters like Bengi Khatun After hearing Hussain’s role, everyone’s attention turned to Bayindir Bey Which was brought out as a negative character But by the end of the season,

a positive character and great attitude had won the hearts of the fans Then her scene with Emperor Andronikos in the season finale was also very impressive Here Bayindir Bey’s powerful dialogues made the fans go crazy However, no news about Bayindir Bey’s role has come out But fans want to know about it Whether he will continue to be a part of the series So viewers we think this character is likely to disappear Because the upcoming season is going to introduce new characters Bayandar Bey’s role has played its role Even so, the team of the series will inevitably make

the fan favorite character disappear Mention the new season’s strong story set and historical period So there should not be too much of a gap But the atmosphere of the story will change a lot Just as it changed in the long hiatus of the third season New places, new enemies, new allies and a new era will begin Osman will appear as the ruler of Bay State Which will hit the big empires And will automatically replace all systems Large areas like Uznik and Bursa, many new castles and governors will make the story more interesting The upcoming season will see a host of new characters

The historical period starting in the fifth season will show many great battles and glorious victories Not one, but several Byzantine fortresses will be seen being conquered this season Aznik will be under siege Historical battles like Dembos will be included Bloodthirsty and Byzantine commanders will be brought forth Osman Bey’s historical companions will also be included And then, as always,

there will be traitors Talk about Osman Bey’s look So neither will his hair be long Nor will it be brought forth by aging Yes, there will be a lot of changes in his clothing to suit the environment The series will not last very long Therefore, old character ages will not be shown to increase

The shooting of the upcoming season is going to start in a few days The announcement of which is also expected very soon And then in early September, ATV will reveal the first glimpse of the characters of the series by releasing a promotional trailer. The season is likely to start in the month of October What do you think about all these events? Be sure to tell in the comment box Like and share the Blog See You Soon!


The time gap of the new Kurulus Osman Season 5 has been discussed many times So Osman Bay will be shown old or not No need to go into the details of this question In a year neither will he be old at all Nor will his children grow young The story will not change much Osman Bey’s children will not be raised Because the series will not show a break Mongols will also be connected to the story Because the alliance of the Al-Khanis will be with the Byzantines If you want to know the details of the incident from us, please tell us in the comment box Like and share the Blog See You Soon!

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