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The Nobel Prize 2021 in Physics was awarded for the study of the role of humanity in climate change

Three scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics on Tuesday for their work on how the Earth’s climate is changing, essential to identifying the effects of human behavior on these changes and ultimately predicting the effects of global warming.

Klaus Hasselmann of the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology in Hamburg, Germany, and Georgio Percy of the University of Sepenza in Rome were awarded physics prizes in Stockholm on Tuesday.

The committee said the work of Seokuro Manabe, Klaus Hasselmann and Giorgio Percy “shows that our knowledge of climate is based on a solid scientific basis.”

Nobel Prize 2021 in Physics was awarded for the study of the role of humanity in climate change
Nobel Prize 2021 in Physics was awarded for the study of the role of humanity in climate change

Nobel Prize in Physics

The winners were Seokoro Manabe of Princeton University, Klaus Hasselmann of the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology in Hamburg, Germany, and Giorgio Percy of the Spenza University in Rome.

Others have won the Nobel Prize for their work on climate change, most notably former US Vice President Al Gore, but the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences said it was the first time that the physics prize had been awarded to a particular climate. Has been given to the scientist.

“The discoveries made this year show that our knowledge of the climate is based on a solid scientific basis based on rigorous observational analysis,” said Thors Hans-Hansen, chairman of the Nobel Committee on Physics.


Complex physical systems, such as the climate, are often determined by their malfunction. This year’s winners helped understand these systems by describing them and predicting their long-term behavior.

In 1967, Dr. Manabe developed a computer model that confirmed the significant relationship between basic greenhouse gases – carbon dioxide – and heat in the atmosphere.

This model paved the way for sophistication for others. Michael Mann, a climate scientist at Pennsylvania State University, said post-Dr. Manabe models, who discovered links between ocean and atmospheric conditions, were important in identifying whether the Greenland ice sheet was melting. How can ocean circulation be affected in the North Atlantic?

“It has played a key role in our understanding of human-caused climate change and the dynamic mechanisms,” said Dr. Mann.

In 2018, Seokoro Manabe of Japan in Sweden showed how rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere cause global warming.

Nearly a decade after Dr. Manabe’s core work, Dr. Haselman developed a model that captures short-term climate phenomena دوسرے in other words, rain and other types of weather طویل as well as long-term climates. Connected to ocean and ecological currents. Dr. Mann said the work has laid the groundwork for the study of attribution, an area of ​​scientific research that seeks to establish the impact of climate change on specific events such as droughts, heat waves and heavy rains.

“This is the foundation of our efforts as a community to explore and attribute the effects of climate change,” said Dr. Mann.

Klaus Hasselmann, German physicist and climate researcher, at a 2010 news conference in Madrid. He created a model that combines weather and climate.

Dr. Percy is credited with discovering the interaction of fluctuations and fluctuations in physical systems, including everything from the smallest repository of atoms to the atmosphere of the entire planet.

“The important thing about his work is that it’s incredibly selective,” said David Yalens, a researcher at the Chen Zuckerberg BioHub, a nonprofit research center. “Many of the major physical phenomena involve collective behaviors that are primarily caused by chaos, chaos, and even frustrated systems. A system that looks hopelessly random, if analyzed correctly. If so, he can make a strong prediction for collective behavior.

Dr. Yellins said these ideas could help understand climate change, which “includes fluctuations that come from the interaction of many, many moving parts.” Nobel prize

But his influence on environmental science is far less than his influence in many other fields, including mathematics, biology and computing. It covers everything from lasers to machine learning. Nobel prize

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