Serenay Sarıkaya has given a date for the broadcast to those who are waiting for the Şahmaran series!


Famous actress Serenay Sarıkaya attracted attention with her beauty and grace at the 2022 Elle Awards. The actress, who will soon be on the set for the second season of the TV series Şahmaran, has also become a popular name recently with Alice Musical.

Serenay Sarıkaya’s jewelery with snakes, who also received an award at the night and was happy with this, was also quite remarkable…

The actress, who also played the character of a snake in the TV series Şahmaran, said, “The snakes haven’t surrounded me yet, we’re just getting started. We are entering a period where the snake is important to me. Indeed, that’s why it was an interesting coincidence,” she explained.

Serenay Sarıkaya also gave information about the preparations for the second season of Şahmaran. Serenay Sarıkaya, who completed the first season of the series with Burak Deniz in the lead role last year, stated that they will be on the set for the second season in the third week of June.

Shooting to be held in Adana during the summer will put a lot of strain on the actors and the whole set. Speaking about the heat of Adana and being aware that the weather conditions will be very harsh, Seranay Sarıkaya also stated that the series will be broadcast in October or November and said:

“I can’t imagine the heat of Adana right now. In an instant, sweating came. We will start filming again for the second season. I forgot, I forgot what I was shooting, I forgot what I was doing. The truth is, it’s too early to really talk about it. There is no clear information on when it will be released. They’re talking about the end of the year. I hope it’s October or November… We’re all acting a little calm so that talking early doesn’t get the job done.”

Explaining that they formed a very nice team in the TV series Şahmaran, the actress emphasized that they had a pleasant time and did a very special job.

After the pandemic break for the Alice Musical, the team reunited in February and started the performances. Explaining that this process went very well, the actress emphasized that the Alice Musical was about to end, but that she was of the opinion that the project should continue.

The actress said, “We just finished the season of Alice. Everything is fine. Alice had a great time, we missed her so much. Maybe we won’t be able to. We all want it, it looks like we’ll keep going,” she said.