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Sheikh Rasheed inaugurates first passport office in North Waziristan

Sheikh Rasheed inaugurates first passport office in North Waziristan

Sheikh Rasheed inaugurates first passport office in North Waziristan

Miramshah: Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed on Saturday inaugurated the first passport office in Miramshah during his visit to North Waziristan and promised to provide more NADRA mobile vans and passport offices in the area.

After the inauguration, the Home Minister was briefed on the issues facing the region. He promised to provide two mobile vans of NADRA, so that people in remote areas could also benefit from this facility.

“We will set up passport offices in Angor Ada and other areas of North Waziristan,” he said, adding that locals would be recruited at Passport and NADRA offices, as well as women in the recruitment drive. Will be preferred.

Later talking to North Waziristan tribal elders, Sheikh Rashid said that the people of the tribal areas had fought the war in Pakistan and the entire nation was proud of them.

“I will personally call on the prime minister to set up a medical university in the area,” he said, adding that he supported the holding of jirgas and assured them of being the best alternative to justice. ۔

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The Home Minister said that internet services have been provided to South Waziristan and people in North Waziristan will also be able to benefit from it this year.

He assured the tribal elders that we would provide more funds for development in the region and in addition to facilitating the immigration process on the Pak-Afghan border.

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WANA, South Waziristan: Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed has arrived in South Waziristan where he visited FC headquarters and also met the tribal elders in Wana.

He was received by Inspector General of Frontier Corps (IGFC) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa South Major General Omar Bashir at the FC headquarters in Wana. The interior minister laid a floral wreath at the martyrs’ monument and offered Fateha for their souls.

Rasheed has been briefed regarding the security situation in South Waziristan by IGFC Major General Omar Bashir.

The interior minister also met tribal elders in Wana during the visit.

While addressing the tribal elders, he said that the federal government has a top priority to make all-out efforts for the uplift of tribal districts including Waziristan.

He added that the tribesmen have rendered numerous sacrifices along with Pakistan Army for peace establishment and assured that all promises made with them will be fulfilled by the government.

Sheikh Rasheed said that internet facility has been provided in South Waziristan and funds will be disbursed to further develop the area.

He was of the view that the positive outcomes of merging Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA)-KP will come forth soon and backward areas will be given more resources.

He announced that the immigration process will be made easier at the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.

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