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Return of Taliban to power is wake-up call for international community amid Pakistan’s nuclear program1

ISLAMABAD: The return of the Taliban to power amid Pakistan’s nuclear weapons program has raised tensions in the international community.

A Pakistani paramilitary soldier (L) and fighters patrol the border crossing between Pakistan and Afghanistan in Torkham, Khyber District.

In an article published in Global Watch Analysis, author Ronald Jacquard said that with the Taliban coming to power, conservative members of Pakistani society, including the government establishment, are excited and encouraged by this development.
In a situation where radicals have taken control of Afghanistan, Pakistan’s nuclear assets can no longer be considered remote by the international community.

Return of Taliban to power

Return of Taliban in power

Thus, the international community must look carefully at Pakistan’s nuclear program until there is a return to stability in Afghanistan to prevent the country’s nuclear assets from falling into the hands of rogue elements.
The international community was already worried about Pakistan’s handling of nuclear weapons and maintaining itself as a stable and responsible member of the international community, but the rise of the Taliban has raised concerns in the country.

Pakistan has been playing a key role in overthrowing the Afghan government and establishing a decisive position in Afghanistan for two decades with the dark nexus of terrorist groups in the region.
Meanwhile, after the Taliban took over Afghanistan, there were protests around the world against Pakistan’s involvement in the siege.

Several reports have claimed the presence of Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence personnel at Taliban rallies.
In such a situation, the role of the International Atomic Energy Agency and the larger international community will be crucial.


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