Teskilat Season 2 English Subtitle

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 42 English Subtitles For Free | Historical Series

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Teskilat Season 2 Episode 42 English Subtitles For Free

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 42 English Subtitles For Free

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 42 English Subtitles For Free

let’s have another fortifications as well place called the ICU which again some people argued could be a city in Cyprus there’s no clear evidence for this Brutus there’s no evidence I can think of on Cyprus to indicate this was going on but there you go what significance is that talks about 1554 Asiatic captives being brought back by Allen shows that sheer numbers of individuals the Egyptian who are bringing it back on this type of rank and then having to settle in each unit and some of these sitting they went to work on that and after something is approved and returned

the Egyptians got slaves do you Gold clothing and beautiful things but he goes up more references to interactions with individuals we have a temp our people grew across better with was had to be with bowed heads bringing 238 lots of blood to clot unless further reference is two of these interactions there’s an expeditionary force those sent to the Lebanon’s McEntee sure is a separate department in two hooks later returned with 9006 25.5 Devin of silver 4890 to Dennis Hopper oh sorry check nothing’s gonna shoot in that fifteen thousand fifty on Devon and swell a 65 million female patients

the more individual being brought in and then even more so the princess of asia has said to come to egyptian cotton would them may bring 1002 area ticks as well as silver and LED domestic animals so this idea even just another rather than about a second lots of people from the Asiatic areas have been brought into Egypt settled and it’s from the time of men and have a second to that we get to the total treasure it’s incredibly rich objects rings bracelets Samira birth over 150 shallow bowls pendants and healing beam that was my fest Cydia whole collection things

I seem to have been brought from the different sites in the Mediterranean world and collected together or there’s a single treasure basically enough to lost seven kilograms of gold 94 grams of silver at least and just to cut the chests that they were found in kilograms very rich again as I said clotted seemingly from around the Mediterranean world items from the Aegean Natalya Afghanistan Iraq Syria as well so some part or more patients as possible some of these missions that we was describing and the panels of a man about a second perhaps this is worth some of these items reflected

when they were sailing around the Mediterranean coastline gathering bosom for a thought it’s a possibility I thought I throw this in simply because it’s a peach friends of the Petrie lecture this was on the Facebook page I think about six months ago also a small beach from the English culture probably made about 2000 BC as the oldest Indian object from an Egypt it was founded in Little Kingdom – and is it come on so let’s see through a lot of people of Asian descent and they live in Egypt during the Middle Kingdom it must have been quite a lot population over time how


because of this you start seeing them more and more in ass so this is a nice statuette what in the National Museum is the hold of the head as well she’s the normal future for this type of statue out you got one and this one too another one but a foreigner this time in Boston Motty tell Sydney we’ve quite a heavy one gone she’s worried same type of mushroom shaped her do her rabbit again little hole in the top and the argument is that these little holes were probably four columns some decorative columns that might have been worn by these individuals citizen

when we start seeing more foreign women is yeah it’s appearing in two scenes as well so for example here to book hotel third me get these mushroom shape the styles you can see them statuettes so you’re seeing these foreign individuals becoming more and more commonly depicted because they’re increasingly part of society over the Middle Kingdom this is a Steve Lee from Liverpool it has the asiatic saw an eerie through grainy with mommy’s hands mesh antics are also described one of them is involved in the brewing process with the beer so totally on this Stila

here from the Vizier when he said ah 13th dynasty they have made a fat woman of Steel II she’s called said ready said you can see her body turn here but this was quite normal at this time for if you have an easy attic servant you normally find the composure of the estate’s name name is part of this individual so the old the Vizier was ready seller she is Senate very sir for me yeah simply described as the Asiatic Newell’s get images like this and cyanide Vasia ethics being involved in some of the expeditions that are doing gun this is the rate of a minimum third

you see sometimes they describe some of quite important individuals helping the Egyptians during this type of expedition but in Egyptian exposing the scenes about the guy riding a donkey and just because it’s a pretty painting see see from any casa to 14 days yet improvement again by the statutes with a baby after back and it goes off just to show examples justice newly imported in Florence will significant about this one is that the asiatic is destroyed we wouldn’t leave the chair bastiana here and this was a private place about the daughter with the family

we mentioned another wife’s so this Asiatic must’ve had some significance to the owner of the steel enough to at least be mentioned an important location we’ll see have lots of references to Asians experiment in higher as well tickly from Louisville in the hood we have Adriatic and red Jade

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