Teskilat Season 2 Urdu Subtitle

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 42 Urdu Subtitles For Free | Historical Series

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Teskilat Season 2 Episode 42 Urdu Subtitles For Free

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 42 Urdu Subtitles For Free

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 42 Urdu Subtitles For Free | Historical Series

where I mean American so details or frequent in E then on the Pepita second work to Kenta sure again this time your tournament says with his own bows and a number of car dealerships lots of material back loaded with silver this time also mentions a genetic men and women so people who uses labor and back in Egypt this time in return he was allowed to sit near the king that were eating at court which seemed like that their previous walls but whatever he liked it I suppose I’m sure he was a look at each so look it’s for little team sure all of the beautiful scenes second

for example a bluebird Egyptians intention taxing jobs so although the foreigners won’t actually involved in the sort of serious kwatak falls in tackles they were doing other things in the village your suppliers proclaim in three five four four six which has but a lot of access to Asiatic services in general in total this document reversed in 95 servants working on this estate of which 45 marriage ethics and in which women outnumber the men who’d you want nurses wait a lot of servants I think it’s deviant but who argued that this actually might be estate owned by a brazier and that’s why

there are so many servants most of the other words mentioned in this case that both Semitic and egyptian a names they come in two columns Egyptian name and the original patient Semitic name in fact only five of the others all of the children have Egyptian names only and this is interesting it’s possible that maybe the individuals that were being used as servants here were taken during quite recent read it would seem that’s why some of them kept up spitting names at first they’ll know by them but they here do street names as well and it’s only you know people at the children

before we’ve been born since the jutsu banks but it did what we’re giving them submitting papers the same time the reason I have the more women than men is part because during that raid most of the men were killed for the location they took the prisoners we know the various roles that will be played by these Asiatics and suspect almost how servant ones of brewer cooks teachers or guardians of children as well most of the women mentioned the cloth makers there’s also a maid servant magazine employees and also a laborer lots of varied roles by the Asiatics

here sounds dubious there in Egypt during about this quite nice steel I met an enemy his top dynasty and it’s actually owned by a person whose caption that the Nubian woman now for her to have steely by this she must have been quite an important individual I’m also very proud of her roots and heritage we also have an example the person from point living in Egypt as well this time esteem their deaths Olmec in Cairo I think it’s the only reference to a certain from port at least a time the world at the server from living in Egypt this is this muscle is broken up at the back here

who has described as the female servant Infante such mess duty doesn’t fit it’s the only one appreciative just to finish off with I wanted to quickly mention increase within the nuns because I wanted to emphasize just how widespread the Egyptian contacts were with the outside world from the start of the living Kingdom when you find quite a lot of connections earlier with treat we have scarabs we have violence we have stone vessels some of these are imported and some of them are local Minoan imitations

we’re sure that the no ones were having at least enough contact with the Egyptians in their material culture to make these pots we are interesting things like this happening because power at this important household dollars to the Egyptians is seemingly assimilated into Manoa and religion we start finding troubling associated with water the Sacred Stones among the Minoans and depicted on Minoan scarabs father’s potter’s field the swamp Rock it’s not an interesting looking one and it’s a cue glass from the Cena Cena to the two men apart Kingdom perhaps

these strikes down here representing the same sort of thing you see here that maybe this inspired this time maybe you’re pushing it a bit far but it’s interesting to say at the same time in Egypt from someone’s room first the to the pet jet bar the ceiling seems to be inspired by Minoan art so it could be a nice example of monovalent was heading to Egypt we also have stinks amalia dynasty is meant to be the earliest example of a Spence family it’s also looking back into Egypt this be quite a bit of a norm plus we’re not figure out people

you find atop the home while solution power the lost is found in the region of La Jolla moraga was about 31 vessels you know an origin that were found at the site it’s argued that these probably entered Egypt as a bomb place your exchange that so the one from before Creek might have been brought and given by the king of the highest elite remember of cost this time thought this region and that maybe some very fine ceramics of this time that we have here was given to people slightly lower down the hierarchy so not of highest point but the type of gifts we give to people over down

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