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Teskilat Season 2 Episode 43 with English Urdu

Teskilat Episode 43 Urdu And English Subtitles Free

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 43 English Subtitles

we’re going to have a look at some of the friendships of the ancient world. Let’s begin with the friendship of Achilles and Patroclus, from Greek mythology. God-like Achilles was the greatest warrior in Homer’s Iliad, and grew up with Patroclus in the Court of Achilles’ father, Peleus. Peleus sent Achilles and Patroclus to be educated by the centaur Chiron, and this is where their relationship deepened. Patroclus took on the role of the wiser, older brother to Achilles, who was more impetuous and was ruled by his emotions.

Both men joined the military campaign led by Agamemnon and Menelaus, known as the Troyan War. At Troy, Agamemnon insulted Achilles by taking his slave girl, Briseis, away from him. Achilles and Patroclus, along with all of Achilles’ fighters, known as the Myrmidons, responded by refusing to continue fighting the Troyans. At this point the Greek started to lose the war, and Patroclus pleaded with Achilles to put away his pride and return to the fight. Achilles refused but allowed Patroclus to fight wearing his armor, in order to inspire the Greeks.

nThe ruse worked and Patroclus killed 27 enemy men before he was killed by Hector. After his death, Achilles flew into a rage, fueled not only by the loss of his friend, but by the part he played on Patroclus’s death, by clinging to his pride. Achilles would not bury Patroclus until he had killed Hector, which he soon did. And that night Patroclus came to Achilles in a dream asking to be buried with him. Achilles died soon after by an arrow shot at him by the Troyan king Priam, which struck his only vulnerable spot, his heel. Hence the saying “Achilles’ heel”, in reference to someone’s weakness.

After the bodies were cremated, the ashes of the two friends were buried in a golden urn.It’s unclear if their relationship extended to being lovers, or if they were even real people at all, but they served as a model of friendship for over 2,000 years, each bringing something to the relationship that the other lacked. Patroclus completed Achilles with his reason and thoughtfulness, and Achilles did the same for Patroclus with his passion and spontaneity. Neither was complete without the other, and neither could bear the thought of separation.This is immortalized in the Iliad, when Patroclus says,

“But one more thing, one last request you agree, please Never bury my bones except yours, Achilles let them be together… Just as we grew together in your house. Patroclus got his wish, as the two were buried together. Achilles’ relationship with Patroclus is riddled with ambiguity due to the language used by Homer in the Iliad and as noted we are unsure if it was simply a friendship or if they were lovers. What we are sure of is that their relationship has served as a model of male friendship to later writers for thousands of years up until the present day.

Our second friendship has no romantic ambiguity at all, as it is one of the best-known love stories of all time. It’s the story of Cleopatra VII of Egypt and Mark Antony of Rome. Cleopatra VII was first involved with Julius Caesar, and after his death was summoned by the general Mark Antony to appear before him at the city of Tarsus to enter charges against her that she helped Julius Caesar’s enemies. Now, according to historian Plutarch, she took her time in preparing herself and her royal barge in order to make a striking first impression when she first went to meet Antony.

“She came sailing up the river Cydnus in a barge with gilded stern and spread veils of purple, while the silver oars beat the measure to the sound of the flutes , the fifes and the harps. She herself was still lying, under a canopy of gold cloth, dressed as Venus in a painting and beautiful children, in painted cupids, he stopped on each side to wave it. Although Antonio was married to Octavia, the sister of the powerful Octavian, the future Augustus Caesar, he fell in love with Cleopatra immediately, and eventually considered her his legitimate wife, abandoning Octavia for her.

Antony and Cleopatra were more than just lovers, they were best friends. Plutarch described their relationship: “She played dice with him, drank with him, went hunting with him, and watched him practicing with weapons; and when was parked at the doors or windows of ordinary people and laughed at those inside, she would go with him on his mad tour dressed as a girl. they would get drunk, dress up as servants, and cause mischief in whatever city that they were in after dark. Their relationship is consistently depicted as both a close friendship and as a love affair.

Throughout the wars that they fought against Octavian they remained devoted to each other, and always had each other’s backs. That is, until the battle of Actium in 31 BCE, when they were defeated by Octavian’s navy. One year later Antony killed himself believing that Cleopatra had died, and then Cleopatra killed herself after hearing of Antony’s death. Just like Achilles and Patroclus, they are said to have been buried together. So after hearing the stories of Achilles and Patroclus, and Antony and Cleopatra, do you see any similarities between their friendships?

One, a comradeship from boys to men, and the other a wild friendship and close love affair. Let us know down in the comments below. This video was brought to you by Ancient History Encyclopedia. For more great articles and interactive content head to our website via the link below. Ancient History Encyclopedia is a not-for-profit organization.

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