Teskilat Season 2 English Subtitle

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 45 English Subtitles For Free

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Teskilat Season 2 Episode 45 English Subtitles

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 45 English Subtitles For Free

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 45 English Subtitles For Free

where it’s like really i’m the emperor now that’s amazing your image of mexico’s thrax is just like one of my favorites but also caligula who always gets a bad rap in roman history and uh one of the most famous stories of him is that he um made one made a horse a member of the senate all right well the way the way you have his facial expression his whole vibe the way that you presented him is exactly that kind of i don’t know what i’d say smart alec i suppose i don’t believe that khalil actually was insane

when he made his horus a member of the senate i think it was like you guys are so useless my horse could do a better job than you and so here you go and and his expression when you render this expression is just perfect with that it’s just fantastic thanks i mean uh caligula actually went through a few changes so uh i never know if you’re referring to uh version one caligula or uh version three but he sort of progressively went from sort of what what i was aiming for sort of this like thousand-yard stare

but uh but also people kept telling me he was uh attractive and other people were telling me no he’s supposed to be disfigured so in uh after after being shown i think like four busts uh made contemporary where they all had the same i think it was his right eye lower than his left eye i’m like okay maybe it wasn’t just politicians saying he was just disfigured maybe maybe this is a an actual thing so the later depiction

he’s actually got this sort of asymmetrical face and in a in one of them like a bit of a stink eye [Laughter] it’s still trying as i say it’s interesting that you say that because you’ve written in one of your little art in your article that um there was a chance that you thought that the roman emperors were depicting themselves more heroic than they actually were during their lives um for example cleopatra the seven people are now thinking that she’s this beautiful figure whereas

we look at busts and coins and she’s not actually she doesn’t look as what we would say is stereotypically beautiful is that the same kind of thing now that you’ve seen with this droopy eye maybe they’re not showing themselves as as heroic


i think it really depends on the the artistry and maybe like how far away the artist lives from the emperor like what what are the chances of me being murdered uh but this is me just sort of speculating a lot because i i i think i was reading um i was reading a historian about caesar because i’m working on a seizure depiction and they seem to have like a pretty good idea of like where the bust was made and uh like and speculating whether or not they actually had access to um to the emperors themselves

so i mean i wonder how much of it is like banana phone like is it a drawing that gets passed to a sculptor does the sculptor get like two hours with the emperor like these questions are sort of open questions to me i have no idea but you’re absolutely right about that right yes exactly i mean a lot of these things came from this document called the historia augusta which is the the history of the roman emperors and it’s it’s largely considered now to be fictional people uh thought well

you know this guy was a nice guy this guy was not a nice guy written long after they were done but uh people that would sculpt images based upon the narrative so you’re absolutely right with that yeah yeah and also uh i think like there’s a degree of uncertainty just because it’s like we know the coins for sure because it’s written on the coins with the name but like i don’t know how many of the busts were inscribed

i saw it a few times in the description of the image maybe it was on wikimedia wikimedia commons it said like this bust is inscribed i don’t know if that was like maybe it was inscribed a few hundred years later or you know wasn’t inscribed when it came out of the ground and quickly we need to you know say it caesar right now because it’s going to be worth

it but uh yeah some of them were like uh like vitellius there’s like pseudo vitilius like very like the one in the louvre the the i mean there’s a lot of uh a lot of gray area and i think like where some historians have been you know a little bit angry at me is that i’ve sort of added a little bit too much certainty into these uh uncertain busts but on my on my website i try to be very clear about you know this person we did know his hair color or we didn’t know his hair color uh

you know we did know uh where they were born or where or we don’t know so i was trying to be clear about what i did and didn’t know and overall it’s impossible to make everybody happy no matter how much evidence you’ve got there’s a someone is going to be unhappy with some facet of some part of a project no matter no matter what i’m sure brilliant about about your project what’s brilliant about your images i then it’s exactly

what kelly is saying like someone is always going to have a problem with some some artistic rendering but what impressed me the most was the expressions you know i mean when you look at caligula, Teskilat Season 2 Episode 45 English Subtitles

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