Teskilat Season 2 Urdu Subtitle

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 46 Urdu Subtitles For Free

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Teskilat Season 2 Episode 46 Urdu Subtitles For Free

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 46 Urdu Subtitles For Free

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 46 Urdu Subtitles For Free

i did not need to make too lots of the girls have victoria’s mindset due to the fact i do not recognize that it is very likely that the high was not unusual sincerely even though it is very stereotyped in in memories approximately prostitution you recognize the form of however i did not need to you realize you realize that would emerge as a stereotyped function however I hope with Victoria that very abundant is not as it’s clean why she’s behaving it wouldn’t make sense as a stereotype function and that i suppose due to the fact you’ve got got

the four different girls that have specific perspectives in their existence however they are all specific and they may stem from specific motives i suppose that it simply provides extra dynamic to their little courting and to the tale in general i think it makes it more believable because to have all five of them all i mean obviously they all have tragic backstories but to have one of them that is acting in such a different way i think is really important i thought that that made

it more believable and i definitely feel like your book and these women have made it really clear to people that may just think that they they’ve just always been prostitutes that they don’t have a good backstory and that these women weren’t necessarily always prostitutes and i feel like it’s really potentially will open people’s eyes to the fact that these women are in they weren’t always living this life and they don’t know and also one of the things that was really really key for me writing the book was we know it’s set in a brothel i mean you know the book

it’s obvious i had to dwell on the sex work you know i did not describe graphic scenes you know i didn’t want we know that this is going on in their lives that for some of them you know they’ve adapted and made the best of it others are profoundly traumatized by it i didn’t want to talk about that or write about it or dwell on it because we know this you know there are other ways of conveying that what i wanted to talk about was all the other aspects of their lives exactly as you say they were people

they had their own stories their own families you know they grew up in different ways their own life expectancy his hopes his relationships you know for them life would not have been all about sex they would have had their fun and enjoyment and hopes in in other areas you know when they go out strolling around town together you know yeah business but also just to have a bit of a break when they go to the broads and it’s an all-female environment and they can have a gossip and they can hang out and they go to the tavern and you know

they’re friendly with the innkeeper not every man in this story is awful you know the waiter is really lovely and he’s in love with one of them and you know it’s it’s i didn’t want it to be a kind of tale of sort of um you know this is just awful um and i also didn’t want it to be a kind of oh look at all these giggling girls you know neither of those two things that are the kind of cliche tropes of talking about brothel life did i want to go down so yeah because i mean in in reality it probably would have been a combination of both they

they would have still lived their lives as best as they could while still having to do this job and you’re right you didn’t it shows any type of explicit detail but you knew exactly what the characters felt and how they reacted to their job without actually having to talk about it really at all which i thought was really wonderful because that could potentially be a very polarizing thing to put in a book you know yeah i think that you know nobody should ever write like that you know somebody else might might write

it really well so i wouldn’t want to be judgey about it but for me personally i i neither felt i wanted to write nor would want to read any very graphic descriptions of traumatic sexual activity it just it’s it’s not it’s not for me so that’s yeah that’s not what i did and for your story you didn’t need it i don’t know at all yeah so we’ve talked about the women in the book do you want to tell us a little bit about the main male characters um so probably more felix paris maybe rufus as well where did they come from and

how did they develop so felix and paris are also names found in the brothel and paris in particular who’s referred to his beautiful paris was almost certainly you know working in the brothel and although i started the novel sort of thinking of it and it is very much from a female point of view the thing that struck me both in the research and writing it was also how very little agencies so many men also had and paris in particular um you know he’s not the most empathetic character at all but no but he’s also just incredibly well to me anyway

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