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Teskilat Season 2 Episode 46 With English Urdu Subtitles Free

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Teskilat Episode 46 Urdu And English Subtitles Free

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 46 English Subtitles

did you know the fundamental construction of your most loved satire comes from old greece hi and welcome to world history reference book my name is kelly furthermore, today we will investigate the history plays plus, play Freedoms of the Old-Style Greek Parody remember the most straightforward method for supporting us is by offering this video a go-ahead and buying into our feed and hitting that chime symbol for warnings

so you don’t pass up any new transfers greek theater and some say theater itself began in old style athens in the sixth century bce plays were proceeded as a feature of celebrations in open air theaters known as the theatron like the theater of dionysus and the the crowd sat in the semi-round set rivalries were held every year as part of various celebrations like the city dionysia for misfortune plays and the lanaya for parody we’ll get to the lanai later the greek god dionysus was the lord of wine celebration and theater and he was regarded at these celebrations and rivalries theater was to a lesser degree a social trip as it is in the present day

furthermore, to a greater degree a political and strict need for all residents in Athens, the beginning of Greek satire dates back to lost to time anyway we know from earthenware portraying men as entertainers sprucing up in wild ensembles that it was a solidly settled type by the sixth century bce old greek satire can be parted into three particular classes old parody center satire which has been for the most part lost to us what’s more, another satire however they generally utilized unrefined also, sexual humor

what’s more, would make fun of contemporary issues lawmakers individual thinkers and writers and scholars the entertainers wore exceptionally enriched covers furthermore, superb outfits to depict mutiple character which were in some cases human what’s more, in some cases not antiquated greek parody all followed a genuinely customary design comprised of four part parts the initial segment was the parados which was the point at which the ensemble which could be comprised of upwards of 24 entertainers

would enter the stardae arena and perform some routine programs which in some cases presented the plot they would be spruced up in wild and stunning outfits which could be anything from honey bees with immense stingers knights riding different men as a pony or indeed, even cooking wares the following part was the aegon which was a clever verbal challenge that would have a fantastical plot and some quick changing scenes which advance the story if references to explicit crowd individuals

who might have in reality been in the crowd are considered then, at that time, there may also have been improvisations in this piece of the parody the third part was the parabasis which was the point at which the chorale would talk directly to the crowd or to the artist or otherwise to the creator to expand or make sense of a point and the last segment was the mass migration which was one more round of singing and moving schedules from the ensemble as the play closed remember that every one of the entertainers would have been proficient entertainers artists and vocalists

what’s more, they all would have been male even assuming a portion of the characters were female for parody the significant rivalry was an athenian-just celebration known as the lanaya the celebration was held during january in distinction of dionysus each part of these exhibitions counting the melody the outfits the performers and, surprisingly, the practice time was totally supported by a corrigos who was a private resident of athens to be a freights was an honor and held extraordinary glory because of the utilization of veils for artists to play over characters

they needed to depend on their utilization of voice also, signals since their looks were secret outfits were moreover vital and a typical outfit was leggings and a short tunic which uncovered a phony and generally very huge phallus this comic scene can be seen as on greek ceramics old satire alludes to parody written in the fifth century bce furthermore, the earliest satire that has is due to us today Aristophanes acani which was initially acted in 425 bce old parody was profoundly participated in the political circumstance of the time that they were created yet it consolidated fantastical components like monster animals

furthermore, entertainers bouncing across tremendous geological distances old parody utilized parody team jokes spoofs jokes and bright language and present day untouchable themes of the day like religion sex and legislative issues were all on the table aristophanes works are our as it were delegate of old satire to have made due however during his time he had some effective games including ikanian knights and the frogs the frogs was so effective that it gave aristophanes the extraordinary distinction of a wreath made from holy olives also,

it had an encore aristophanes made a complete out of 44 plays however, just 11 have endure different artists who might have been adversaries of aristophanes were cratinus and eupolis however, none of their plays make due in the late fourth 100 years and into the mid third century bce a recent fad of satire showed up which has been called new satire a few researchers recommend a go-between class called center parody which was less about political subjects also, more worried about fanciful spoofs yet no full text make due from this time new parody was more centered around homegrown scenes

what’s more, was made out of five demonstrations the melody turned out to mean a lot to the plot of the story also, the plays rotated around characters like cooks troopers pimps and sly slaves these plays had less private assaults furthermore, were more worried about fictitious characters and their associations with family different classes or outsiders we know a chomped more about the essayists of new parody

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