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Teskilat Season 2 Episode 48 With English & Urdu Subtitles Free

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Teskilat Season 2 Episode 48 With English Urdu Subtitles Free

Teskilat Episode 48 Urdu And English Subtitles Free

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 48 English Subtitles

did you know that hippocrates the father of modern medicine was actually a latecomer in the medical field hello and welcome to world history encyclopedia my name is kelly and today’s video is all about physicians health and medicine in the ancient world the goddess gullah who is also known as ninkarak and nini sinha presided over health and healing with her consort pablo sag her sons damu and ninazu and her daughter genura she was known as the great physician of the black headed ones with the black-headed ones being the sumerians the road with the serpent intertwined

which is still a symbol used to this day originated not with the greek god esclappius but with the son of Gullah ninazu who was associated with serpents healing and the underworld the serpent symbolized regeneration and transformation since it would shed its skin physicians were agents through whom the deities worked to maintain the health of their people as it is now their main job was to heal people’s illnesses and their first step had to identify the cause disease in Mesopotamia was often referred to as the hand of

for example the patient was touched by the hand shamash or lamashtu demons then be cured of their suffering the patient had to confess the sin that Caused illness and received appropriate treatment the sin may have been knowingly or unknowingly committed to put it simply illness was caused by sin and the cure required some form of confession and acknowledgement of wrongdoing even if one god wanted you healthy another god may have been offended the illness may not even be caused by a god

but by a ghost that was allowed to cause the trouble the library of ashubanapal housed medical books which shows the mesopotamians had extensive medical knowledge this is in direct contrast to what herodotus in his histories wrote about them which was that they didn’t have any regular doctors and they would just bring their sick out onto the street and get advice from people who walked past we know that there were two types of doctors in mesopotamia the asu who was a medical doctor who treated illness and injury and the asipu who was a healer

who practiced what we would consider as magic and were also the ones to deal with pregnancy and fertility test there were also surgeons dentists veterinarians and midwives known as sabsutu who delivered babies the dentist pulled teeth or relieved toothaches and surgeons performed surgery with clean hands and knew to wash wounds with clean water while the asipu relied explicitly on the supernatural the asu dealt with physical symptoms and

they were both considered with equal respect to both asu and asipu treated patients in temples and on house calls the cult center for the goddess gula is an isin and it might have served as a training center for physicians who would then be sent to other temples to work as needed both men and women could be doctors but female physicians were most common in sumer texts from mesopotamia tell us that doctors shaved their heads to be easily identified and the gula him from around 1400 bce

tells of doctors moving around the city with herbs texts and tools to heal people the fees for services were more expensive for the higher classes than for the lower the same prescription made of the same ingredients may have cost a prince some gold but a poor person a bowl of soup the medicine of mesopotamia had a huge influence on the egyptians so that’s where we’re looking at next medicine in ancient egypt was quite advanced and the mortality rate after egyptian medical procedures was probably less than that of european hospitals until

the mid 20th century due to the egyptian value of cleanliness as with mesopotamia illness was usually understood as a consequence of sin or they were plagued by an angry ghost or god who thought he had a lesson to learn therefore the earliest form of a doctor in egypt was a magician who would treat disease with medical spells they also used incantations amulets aromas offerings and tattoos these were to placate the god

who caused the illness drive away the demon or ghost or invoke a higher power to prevent illness and protect medical texts were spells and spells written on papyrus scrolls and only a few have survived the surviving papyri deal with things like contraception fertility heart disease diabetes depression and pregnancy one papyrus which dates between 1782 and 1570 bce offers prescriptions to skin and eye issues and burns another from the new kingdom treats utis and digestive problems one papyrus from the 3rd century ce is all about magical spells and divination and another from circa 1200 bce

prescribes cannabis to cancer patients this predates herodotus as mentioned of the drug which was thought to be the earliest mention of cannabis egyptian doctors made house calls and they were considered priests of the pur ankh or the house of life the house of life was a type of school slash library attached to a temple the doctors could be men or women and the first known Egyptian physician is imhotep the architect of the steppe pyramid of jose at saqqara

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