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The beginning of the search for the secrets of the pyramids of Egypt

The beginning of the search for the secrets of the pyramids of Egypt
The beginning of the search for the secrets of the pyramids of Egypt

The beginning of the search for the secrets of the pyramids of Egypt

A large-scale scientific study has been launched to find out the secrets of the Haram in Egypt. Experts from France, Japan, Canada and Egypt are taking part in the study. They are using state-of-the-art equipment, including ultra-powerful infrared waves, to examine the four tombs.

Experts will also find out how the pyramids were built. It is believed that Egyptian authorities recently used similar technology to allow the discovery of the missing tomb of Queen Nefertiti. The tomb is believed to be behind the wall of Tutankhamen’s tomb. According to the Associated Press, scientists will begin scanning the four pyramids next month to find out. What is the result of the level of the pyramids there?

Archaeological Minister Mamdouh al-Mayte says the project is being launched south of Cairo. The first to be scanned is the Bent Pyramid at Dashur, followed by the nearby Red Pyramid, and then the two largest pyramids in the Gaza Plateau, the Kyops and the Kefrin. Will be

These pyramids are four and a half thousand years old.

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A recent survey of Egypt from space has revealed 17 missing pyramids and more than a thousand tombs.

The study was conducted by an American laboratory with the help of NASA. The study used high-intensity infrared waves that could detect various components underground.

Preliminary excavations have confirmed some planetary information that includes two pyramids underground.

Egyptian officials say the new technology will enable them to secure some historically significant areas.

Read more: Demolition of four thousand year old historical pyramids

A nearly 4,000-year-old pyramid has been destroyed during excavations at a historic site near the Latin American capital, Lima.

The demolished pyramid near the capital, Lima, is one of twelve historic pyramids.

Authorities say the destroyed pyramid was 20 feet high.

Peru’s Deputy Minister of Culture said the pyramids were destroyed last week when three employees of the company tried to destroy three other pyramids with the help of heavy machinery but managed to prevent the other three pyramids from collapsing. Has gone

He said that criminal complaints have been registered against two construction companies and criminal action will be taken against them.

On the other hand, archaeologists have called the incident an irreparable loss.

“The demolition of the pyramids has caused irreparable damage to Peruvian history,” the director of an excavation project in the archaeological site of El Parisco told the Associated Press. We don’t know how they were made or what they were used for.

According to the Peruvian Ministry of Tourism, the area was a religious and administrative center long before the Colombian civilization.

Read more: Egyptian sketches, Chinese parents apologize

Internet users have strongly condemned a Chinese teenage boy’s inscription on ancient Egyptian places of worship. After which his parents have apologized.

On Friday, a microblogger posted a picture of a sketch of Luxor in Egypt, stating that Ding Jinhu was here.

Luxor is the center of ancient worship in Egypt, along the Nile River. These places of worship are 3500 years old.

According to the report, angry internet users tracked Ding through his date of birth and school. Ding has been identified by hacking the primary school’s website.

Ding’s mother told a local newspaper that she apologized for her son’s actions. “We are under a lot of pressure, so we apologize to the Egyptian people and to all those in China who have noticed this incident,” he said.

He added that his son is a minor and a primary school student. So now they realize their mistake. Ding Jinhu’s father has also appealed to the public to forgive his son. “The pressure is too much for him,” he said.

The Chinese people spent 10 102 billion on tourism, up 40 percent from last year.

The United Nations tourism agency says China has the largest share of tourism revenue.

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