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The Essay That Got Me Into Columbia

hi everyone my name is keenan karamansana and i’m in the class of 2024 at columbia university currently my major is undecided and today i will be reading my personal statement that helped me get into the institution it is friday evening and the stage is set with the glorified podium of discussion in the middle of the living room first on the docket is the weekly fast fact at the sound of the gavel my grandfather declares.
The Essay That Got Me Into Columbia

if you are ever in need of a quick repair there is only one item for every job duct tape duct tape fixes everything or so i was told three pieces of particle board half a roll of duct tape and some tlc came together to create the glorified podium of discussion every friday for the past four years my family has gathered to hold our personal family congress ted talk in the comfort of our own home it.

all began when we sat down to watch the primary election debates leading up to the 2016 presidential election and tensions began rising in the room living in a multi-generational and multicultural household i have been fortunate to be exposed to a full spectrum of views opinions and ideas that have bound my family together.

whether it be an evaluative look at united states foreign policy a critique of a new movie musical dance number or a history lesson in space exploration we have talked about it of all the topics my family has discussed there is one that has stuck with me duct tape the creative versatility of duct tape has transformed into the binding metaphor for my family unity.

in my life every week i look forward to taping together the gap between clashing views and this is only possible with communication while there is a lack of meaningful dialogue in society my living room represents the reverse microcosm of encouraging informative conversation over the last 17 years i have had to become an expert in duct tape ingenuity due to seven moves i’ve had to give up roots.

in one city in exchange for a clean slate of unveiled opportunities and new relationships in the next often people are astonished when i name all the cities in which i have lived but in all honesty the outcome of each move outweighs the frustrating process of packing up boxes taping them shut and hoping they arrive at the next destination moving.

from one city to another requires me to create new long distance friendships adopt to new school environments and learn the ins and outs of an entire new community while also giving me ample practice to reflect on my personal experiences i carry with me an unyielding desire to adapt and understand.

the communities i call home by directly facing adversity after each move the makeshift podium requires more duct tape to keep its integrity in contrast the past seven years have aided the growth of my emotional and psychological integrity on which i continue to build my identity has also grown through my connection with my family in relation to the places.

we have lived from taking part in a mother’s against drunk drunk driving forum hosting an annual dragon boat racing festival or attending nasa’s lecture in the final days of the pluto new horizon mission i am able to tape together my experiences and lessons into a cohesive whole bettering the person i wish to be my grandpa was wrong duct tape cannot fix the entirety of the world’s problems yet i assert the discussions with my family have aided.

in a clearer understanding of who i am one family ted talk at a time although my living room has changed many times the importances of family unity have been developed by meaningful discussion when it comes to facing adversity i believe.

the glorified podium of discussion has equipped me with the skills for real world application obstacles will be the feel of my ambition as i continue to strive for success with the skills developed in my living room thank you.

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