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The Essay That Got Me Into Harvard

i’ve talked to many many students and graduates talking about their experience at their Harvard university or their experience applying to get into their university but today we’re doing something.
The Essay That Got Me Into Harvard

a little bit different i’m talking about my own experience and i will be reading my own common app essay that i wrote censor the number of years ago um to get into harvard let’s do this i graduated from harvard uh magna laude i loved my experience there and this is the essay that helped get me in this is the part.

where you all find out that i’m was totally a a huge theater and debate nerd um but that that’s a surprise to no one right quote samuel is a good listener and a motivated learner but he is often distracted and rolls around on the floor with friends during group activities end quote such was five-year-old sam clark as described by preschool teacher ms kim much more interested in somersaults across.

the carpet than focused academics i teamed with energy and could find no way of containing it necessitating incessant fidgeting a near perpetual stream of talking and singing and frequent breaks from reading time for classroom gymnastics to both the amusement and frustration of preschool teachers i needed and would always find outlets acceptable or not to release.

this erupting energy as i’ve grown older and arguably more mature my energy has not dissipated but has rather found forums in which to flourish my physical energy once only manifested in swarming and poorly executed classroom cartwheels has been honed in martial arts entering the taekwondo studio seven years ago.

i had no knack for any sport i was quote built for math as my instructor miss theresa said more comfortable with algebra than a well-placed punch i never expected that i would win tournaments teach classes and sport a third degree black belt but it was that same raw energy that same joy in illicit preschool summer salting that fueled.

my training teaching and success in the martial arts world and continues to do so my vigorous verbal energy has inspired and perhaps necessitated a fascination with debate this insatiable drive to speak produced the fierce fervor with which i approach debates on topics from alternative energy to welfare reform my discoveries and frustrations over.

the course of extensive research or a debate round have sparked a deep and continuing interest in domestic and foreign policy i feel driven now to pursue such interests and debate has ignited an intense desire to stay informed and engaged as i dissect policy intricacies and an opponent’s case debate has rerouted younger sam’s torrent of random post-summer salting comments into zealous yet calculated speeches.

on important issues while debate and martial arts allow a release of energy through a rapid rebuttal or a 540 roundhouse kick theater provides the ultimate forum improvisation and sketch comedy have become arenas in which that energy can explode virtually unhindered while individual roles in a variety of productions have focused this energy to create specific mannerisms and fuel powerful motives.

as i have transformed myself into a tormented and inebriated fish man parentheses taliban a preaching dancing showman the wiz or simply there i say it an ass bottom and dogberry my rolling around the floor with friends has tumbled down different paths my five-year-old desire to roll without restraint has evolved into a passion to experience.

every aspect of theater from acting to directing to writing to lighting design as it is now the theater rather than cartwheels that i truly enjoy through martial arts debate and theater i’ve been able to mold a rampant energy from a nuisance into true joys that i hope to continue and pursue but i believe that the most important and rewarding outgrowth of this energy has been my ability to recognize the same trait.

in kids whom i teach in teaching martial arts i believe that the insane energy of kids is something to be embraced rather than stamped out many of the kids i teach in both after-school programs at private schools and classes at transitional housing programs and homeless shelters suffer frequent reprimands as i did for their fervor and glee in their rigorous schools or struggling home lives.

a martial arts class should be a release a place where energy is cultivated and encouraged and used to build fitness skill and confidence rather than one more setting where enthusiasm is condemned to me little is more rewarding and exhilarating than teaching and pushing students to do what they never imagined.

they could and i believe that it is the enthusiasm in the students and myself that drives that success i take a similar approach elsewhere whether choreographing and leading a performance with my martial arts school’s demonstration team assistant directing a production at the denver jewish community center coaching novice debaters are hosting.

an improv show in all these outlets i’m driven by this raw energy and i believe that it is imperative the black belts kick harder and jump higher the improvers think faster the actors perform better and the debaters hammer home their points i no longer roll around on the floor during class but the brimming energy that drove my preschool acrobatics has not subsided.

in the least rather it has become the driving force behind all that i do from the debate podium to the classroom to the stage i try to and often must approach everything with this vigor these endeavors have become my rolling around on the floor with friends my release and my passion and i cannot wait to see what more will fill that role as i move forward i suppose if all else fails i can go back to somersaults that was it that was my essay.

it worked um reflecting years later maybe i would have done something different maybe i wouldn’t have but um i hope that helps uh please like this video subscribe to crimson education we are releasing a ton of new videos of students who have either recently gotten into the school of their dreams are at the school of their dreams or recently graduated from the school of their dreams reading their common app personal statements just like i did and talking about their experience and getting into the schools of their dreams.

one is an admissions calculator so you can kind of figure out what schools are potentially good fit for you and another connects you with a free resource to talk with an academic expert at christmas education who will talk to you about how to get into the school of their your dreams they will talk about your comment personal statement and so much more that’s it catch you next time.

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