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The Essay That Got Me Into Northwestern

Today i’m going to be reading a student’s essay that helped him get into northwestern university early decision let’s do it as i said i’m reading another student’s essay not my essay this fantastic student was gracious enough to share with us his why northwestern video as a free resource to help you understand.
The Essay That Got Me Into Northwestern

what makes for a good why this school essay specifically for northwestern why northwestern or why this school is a good kind of catch-all for this type of supplemental essay that a lot of different universities have but i’ll read the specific prompt right now in 300 words or less help us understand how you might engage specific resources opportunities and or communities here.

we are curious about what these specifics are as well as how they may enrich your time at northwestern and beyond so this student who chose to remain anonymous but shared with us his fantastic essay wrote about why he wants to go to northwestern how we take advantage of these resources opportunities and communities let’s do.

it when i discovered northwestern i was immediately transfixed by the mixture of modern architecture and the stunning oaks surrounding weber arch i envisioned myself playing recreational soccer games on lakeside field while the fresh breeze of lake michigan hits my face growing up i have enjoyed quieter suburban areas close to london and northwestern’s campus truly offers.

a geographic parallel that feels like home academically i hope to further my research and decision theory stemming from my research studying the behavioral biases of governing bodies in professional cycling naturally i’m eager to work with professor eric schultz given our common interests and i envision myself learning about the psychological underpinnings of economic analysis.

in his behavioral economics class additionally i’m excited about the possibility of working in kellogg’s behavioral lab it is unique to northwestern and will enable me to carry out research with students and professors alike i will take advantage of northwestern’s distinctive extracurricular opportunities as well creating my school’s own ted ed club was incredibly inspiring and i’m glad that northwestern values tedx as highly.

as i do even holding its own tedx northwestern u events i am eager to continue working with the tedx organization and i know that there is no better place to do this than at northwestern lastly as a boy scout the importance of community has always been entrenched in me i have always desired to give back whether that be through volunteering at my local hospital or annual meal runs at Christmas.

northwestern’s money think will allow me to utilize a world-class northwestern education for the good of the chicago community by providing personal finance lessons to under-resourced school children in the chicago area northwestern offers unparalleled opportunities to help the wildcat family succeed and i’m excited by the prospect of calling northwestern my home.

so that was his essay that’s a great essay um just a few things to point out that i think really make this essay fantastic while this essay is obviously technically about northwestern and about the resources community and more that northwestern has to offer the student did a really good job of honestly making this essay about himself.

when he talked about academics he rooted his discussion of northwestern’s kellogg’s behavioral lab and of this specific professor in the research that he had already done as a high school student he talked about his own experience his own achievements and his own intellectual passions and why therefore it was a good fit to northwestern.

he only he could have written that paragraph his next paragraph about extracurricular opportunities again he used that as an opportunity to talk about himself and to talk about what he had done in his high school um for ted ed and to connect that to what northwestern does with tedx and then finally um i thought he did a really good job in the final paragraph of connecting northwestern’s focus on community and on community service.

um he did a really good job of connecting that to his own experience as a boy scout which i’m sure is something that he also brought up elsewhere in his application so if you take anything from this video and from this student’s fantastic essay that he was gracious enough to share with us use these essays as an opportunity to talk about yourself.

a little bit right you you know if this student had just um talked about his transfiction with modern architecture right and northwestern um that’s something any student could have talked about but instead he used this as an opportunity to talk about himself his passions his values and to connect that to why he would be a good member of the northwestern wildcats community and it worked he got an early decision that’s that.

that’s the video is me reading this awesome essay obviously i gave you my thoughts as to um why i thought that was a successful essay which it obviously was because it worked but if you want more personalized help in how to make your essays in your college application um more effective and more true to who you are um then click one of the links below.

you can connect up with the crimson academic expert who for free will talk to you about your dream schools your applications what you need to do to get into those dream schools and more uh they know much more than i do and they will talk with you directly so do that also like this video also subscribe to crimson education.

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