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Which Country can Replace USA as The Next Superpower ?

Which Country can Replace USA as The Next Superpower ?

There is a lot of talk in the world today about China becoming a superpower but China is not currently claiming to be a superpower why China is not doing this? how is to become superpower? are there any responsibilities after becoming a superpower? are Germany and Britain also superpowers? can India become a superpower? or this honor can ever come to Pakistan? what if a superpower other than the United States came? let’s find out this all as the name implies, the biggest power, what is this superpower?

Which Country can Replace USA as The Next Superpower ?, Which Country can Replace USA as The Next Superpower ?, Which Country can Replace USA as The Next Superpower ?, Which Country can Replace USA as The Next Superpower ?, Which Country can Replace USA as The Next Superpower ?, Which Country can Replace USA as The Next Superpower ?, Which Country can Replace USA as The Next Superpower ?,Which Country can Replace USA as The Next Superpower ?, Which Country can Replace USA as The Next Superpower ?, Which Country can Replace USA as The Next Superpower ?, Which Country

can Replace USA as The Next Superpower ?, Which Country can Replace USA as The Next Superpower ?,Which Country can Replace USA as The Next Superpower ?, Which Country can Replace USA as The Next Superpower ?, Which Country can Replace USA as The Next Superpower ?

let’s talk first a superpower is a state that has global influence and it should not be difficult for that state to set up a big project it should be a major military power and is capable of maintaining its dominance in the world through its economy, politics and culture according to encyclopedia brittanica a superpower would be a state that has one or more of the most powerful military or economic powers or it possess both that state has such a position in the world that no major global problem can be solved without its consultation that is to say,

let it be spread all over the world not only this, the geographical position, location, media and culture of a country also helps it to become a superpower the term superpower has been used in ancient history to refer to various kingdoms, including Greeks, Romans, Germans, Persians, Persians and Britishers Muslims also after the advent of Islam and in the recent past have established superpowers like the Ottoman Empire the term superpower in modern history dates back to World War II

when it was used for the USA, Britain and Soviet Union in 1945 after the war, parts of the British Empire split and the United States and the Soviet Union remained superpowers in the world the Cold War also continued between both countries and at the end of the 20th century, the USSR also divided then USA remained solo superpower but why is the United States the only superpower on earth? according to Michael Beckley one of the main reasons america is a superpower is the weakness of its rival states


Which Country can Replace USA as The Next Superpower ?

however, this does not mean that no one can ever snatch the crown of superpower from United States or any other country can never take this position Beckley says the China’s institutional system is worse than US although the United States has a weak democracy, China has a dictatorship the United States has ruled the world alone for some time, but now China is fighting it the United States is currently dominated by its political, economic and military power the United States is rich in natural resources

it borders only with Canada and Mexico who have a relatively stable economy in contrast, China shares borders with 14 different countries most of which are at political and economic unrest with fewer border disputes, the United States does not have to spend more on borders on the contrary, countries like China have to spend more because of their border disputes which is a burden to its economy except for the internal problems of Hong Kong and Taiwan

China is involved in border disputes with the Philippines, Vietnam and other countries on the other hand, China’s resources are not as good as those of the United States political analysts say the US technology force is also a major force China has the capability to reproduce the world’s fastest based on its workforce but the dangerous thing is that its workforce also has a large number of elderly people and lacks innovation the United States has a huge say in new inventions an estimated 35% of the world’s inventions are due to the United States

China looks rich on the outside but faces many economic problems internally one of the major reasons for this is its population China has to take steps to feed more than 1.4 billion people While the population of the United States one forth an extraordinary high-level consultative meeting in China in March 2021 reviewed its goals for 2035 after their acquisition, it is possible that China will declare to be a superpower because China, like the United States, Russia, France and Britain, has the right to veto the UN Security Council the United States has fought wars in many parts of the world over the last 100 years in addition to the two world wars,

Which Country can Replace USA as The Next Superpower ?, Which Country can Replace USA as The Next Superpower ?, Which Country can Replace USA as The Next Superpower ?, Which Country can Replace USA as The Next Superpower ?, Which Country can Replace USA as The Next Superpower ?

it has been a battleground for Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan for many years but no war has been fought inside the United States in the last 150 years, and that is its great fortune many countries became impoverished due to American wars but its economy has not been affected as much as the war-torn countries the United States also enjoys the privilege of speaking English and its currency is the dollar, which is used for commercial purposes in most countries of the world that’s why Americans easily do business anywhere

while this facility is not accessible to manufacturers and traders from other countries as the dollar is the trading currency, the US economy is still very strong maybe that’s why it’s so easy for the United States to make difficult decisions according to experts, the United States is facing serious difficulties due to the ongoing separatist movements in the country inequality due to capitalism, rising debt and racial prejudice and in the days to come, these reasons could deprive him of the honor of a superpower according to a conservative estimate,

the United States alone still holds about 25% of the world’s total wealth of the 2,000 largest companies in the world, more than 600 are in the United States alone on the other hand, the United States alone spends 40% of the world’s total military spending on its military it has about 600 military bases around the world and more than 70 countries are its regular allies if you compare America with Russia, you will know that Russia is also facing various problems not only inside its own country

but it also has border issues with other countries in which war with Ukraine has taken a serious turn Russia cannot compete with the United States because of its financial difficulties and the United States ranks first and Russia ranks eleventh in the list of major world economies but it is still the second largest military power in the world after the United States in terms of defense on the other hand, the economy is smaller than that of the US states of California and Texas Russia is also facing difficulties because its population is not growing at a reasonable rate.

Russia cannot be a superpower right now because the United States is the leader of the NATO alliance but Russia is not part of a larger alliance, it may form a larger alliance with China in the coming days Japan is also a strong contender to become a superpower due to its economic and technological advancement but defensively, he’s not that strong right now the country, with a GDP of over five trillion, has been the target of US nuclear attacks since World War II the country was devastated

but has made incredible progress in 70 years Japan’s economy is the third largest in the world but as a neighbor of China and North Korea, Japan faces many problems Japan is a country of about 7,000 islands and its land borders do not meet any other country. Japan is said to be the land of highly educated people in the world and its people are far ahead in technology but like China, Japan is facing not only the growing population of the elderly but also the lack of the required number of young workforce

now let’s talk about Germany which is another strong candidate to become a superpower The German’s economy is the fourth in the world. It is the second most populous country in Europe after Russia shares borders with new countries. Including France, which has veto power it has a capitalist system like the United States and the German workforce is highly skilled and wealthy yet its doors are always open to skilled and talented people German industry has made it one of the top service providers in the world

however, despite having a large economy, Germany is not considered a major defense power in the world Britain’s former superpower also has every potential to be called a superpower again because its political, economic, scientific and cultural influence is still evident in the world today there was a time when many countries of the world were its colonies they won World War II and are still an economic and military power like the United States and Germany,

the United Kingdom is considered a haven for immigrants the communities of Pakistanis and Indians have made the whole city their home the United States and the United Kingdom have access to the international language English all over the world but China, Japan, Russia, Germany and other countries face obstacles because of their language can India’s neighbor India ever become a superpower? the answer is yes it is possible but for that he will have to make a long and tiring journey the good news for India is that it will have a larger population than China,

which means it will become the largest country in the world in terms of population second, the workforce here is mostly young people which is spread all over the world. Although India is in the top five list of fast developing countries but its economy is not yet strong enough to become a superpower in the next few years the Indian economy ranks sixth in the world in terms of GDP but is still about 5 times smaller than its neighbor

China another problem is that according to various global reports more than 60% of the people in India are living below the poverty line biggest problem for India is its border disputes its relations with its neighbors China, Pakistan and Nepal have been strained for years Kashmir issue has become a nightmare for him, on the other hand, major separatist movements are going on in more than 10 states of India all these problems are obstacles in it becoming a super power

Which Country can Replace USA as The Next Superpower ?, Which Country can Replace USA as The Next Superpower ?

Turkey is also a strong candidate to become a superpower it is one of the 20 largest powers in the world in terms of defense and economy its youth workforce is also its capital Turkey, which suffered a setback after its defeat in World War I has made significant economic progress in the last ten years under the leadership of Recep Tayyip Erdogan And relations with its neighbors have also improved It has an important role in the Muslim world, along with Saudi Arabia and Pakistan as Europe’s gateway to Asia,

it also has a strong strategic position it has several ports and it is also an important trade route now the question arises whether Pakistan, the first Muslim nuclear power in the world, can one day become a great world power the answer is yes, it is possible however, that is unlikely to happen in the near future Pakistan’s strategic position, youth workforce, defense capabilities and natural resources can help it become the first superpower in the Islamic world

however, for this, Pakistan needs a sustainable political structure that will last for a long time to bring economic stability Pakistan also needs to get rid of its border disputes as soon as possible Brazil, Mexico and the African country Nigeria are also predicted to become superpowers by 2050 there are many moral responsibilities involved in becoming a superpower the superpower has to be ready at all times to save the world from war and to establish peace it is also responsible for providing a peaceful environment for the global economy and helping poor countries

however, the superpowers never fulfilled their responsibilities but serve their own interests we’ve got you covered with all the possible superpowers of the future let’s see which state proves itself a superpower in the next few years how did you like this artical, please let us know your opinion in the comment box. Thank you!


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