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Who is Ancestor of Europeans?

Welcome to Top20series! which is the most violent and powerful ethnic group in Europe? which group in Europe has the upper hand in economic power? which country is entitled to be called as superpower of Europe? which nation has the most people in Europe? let’s find out all this Who is the ancestor of Europeans? it would not be out of place to consider the Germans as Europe’s most contentious and powerful ethnic group. not us, but historians say that let’s take a look at the history of the Germans.

Who is Ancestor of Europeans? | Why is Europe the most militant nation?

Who is Ancestor of Europeans?

it is a well-known fact that German descent and other Europeans are descended from Noah’s son Japheth according to medieval and modern European traditions, Japheth is the ancestor of all European which include Russians, Germans, Romans French, Spanish and English according to Islamic tradition, the Han people of China, the Turks and the Mongols are also descendants of Hazrat Japheth not only this,

the people living in Central Asian countries are also Jafthis we can say that most of the people in the world belong to the lineage of Japheth that is, there is no brave and competitive nation in the world bigger than their descendants according to the statistics of two thousand cases of different races, 1.31 billion people in the world belong to the Han tribe.

followed by more than 150 million Germans, around 140 million are Romans, 120.8 million Russians,10.1 million French, 10 million Spanish, and 9 million Englishmen are descendants of Japheth on the other hand Japanese, Koreans, Nepalis, Bhutanese and the people living in northern areas of Pakistan are similar to Chinese so one can say that they may also be Yafthi japheth had seven or eight sons and the history of the world’s 36 languages is traced back to the descendants of his seven sons.

that is, the major languages of the world are spoken by their descendents History of Germans let’s talk about the most Quarrelsome nationof the Europe, the Germans the German nation has also been called Teutonic, Suebian and Gothic. the Romans also called them Barbarians the region in which the German nation first settled in Western Europe was called Germania it was bordered by France,

Switzerland, Belgium, Austria and Luxembourg apart from Germany, people of German descent also lived in the surrounding areas it includes today’s Denmark, the Netherlands, England, Norway, Sweden, Scotland and Finland Germans also gained prominence from the Scandinavian countries of Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

because the land here was fertile and there were ample opportunities for animal husbandry so they started farming and herding as profession Fights between Germans and Romans the Germans were first recognized as a brave and belligerent nation when the Romans invaded Germania and the Germans did not allow the Roman Empire, one of the great powers of the day,

to move however, a series of Roman and German wars followed two nations clashed hundreds of times from 113 BC to 599 AD, during which time many great wars took place two nations continued to occupy and liberate each other’s territories,

but the first major invasion was made by Julius Caesar in 1 BC and occupied large areas of Germany the Roman emperors then made attacks on the German nation routine the Germans were subdued, but they never gave up the Germans also had an advantage over the Romans because the Romans were accustomed to fighting in an organized manner while people of German descent were known to be experts in guerrilla warfare in their time they came in groups and roamed the Romans

The Home of the Germans due to the wars with Romans and the increase in population in Europe the German nation spread not only to other European countries but also to the Africa as well a lot of them started living in South Africa according to historians,

the majority of the German nation settled permanently in Western Europe, today’s Germany but in Eastern Europe they kept migrating from one place to another by the sixth century AD, the Roman Empire’s grip on Western Europe was weakening at the same time, German tribes intensified their fight for occupation of various territories the Germans repeatedly invaded not only Spain, France, Britain and Italy but also North African countries and occupied many territories. after that, these nomadic people started settling in these areas permanently not only that, they occupied most of the territory of Norway,

Denmark and Sweden Secret of German’s Success the Germans differed from the Romans and Greeks in the wars because the Roman and Greek armies fought in an organized manner and the Germans believed in guerrilla warfare. that is hit or die and then loot and run the German warriors were not only brave, but also very good at fighting which made them largely invincible training in martial arts was a part of every German’s life and a religious duty from an early age, they were taught how to fight,

and by the time they were young, they had mastered archery and swordsmanship one of the secrets of the Germans’ success was that they sacrificed for the sake of their tribal chiefs and they were obliged to avenge his death in the war chief of each tribe was responsible for the protection and care of his people, and then together they developed their territory in the same way, one area after another became developed The Great German General it is also important to mention here the two great German generals who set many examples of success for later German generals and kings one was Odo Acer and the other was Theodoric both of them changed the course of history.

Odo Acer, a general in the Roman army, became the first German-born king of Italy in 476 AD thus overthrowing the Western Roman Empire Theodoric became king of Italy in 493 after assassinating Odo Acer, a king of his own race Theodoric not only united the two major Germanic tribes but also laid the groundwork for three decades of peace between the Romans and the Germans this not only gave the two nations the opportunity to set foot in different countries of the world but also strengthened the German nation let’s tell you that the Vikings living in the Scandinavian countries were German descent Modern History of Germans Fight The German war continued during this time,

first the Ottonian and then the Salian dynasty ruled then one king after another came to different parts of Europe, including Germany the major breakthrough in the formation of the German state occurred when, after Napoleon’s defeat in 1815, the Congress of Vienna merged the 39 independent states into the German Confederation which was named Prussia King of Austria became its first President in 1800 first revolution of the Germany came for the identification of the German speakers the German Confederation then fought Denmark in 1864,

Austria in 1866, and France in 1871 after the defeat of these empires the Germans announced the establishment of the German Empire, the German Empire. its capital was Berlin thus, for the first time, Germany, divided into different states, became united Otto von Bismarck, the first chancellor of the state, founded the great country by 1908, the German state had colonized several African states however, the Germans committed serious human rights violations in these states Germany’s first major test began when World War I broke out in 1914,

following the death of the King of Austria during this time, Germany also faced the civil War and after the defeat in World War, dictators like Adolf Hitler had the opportunity to step in after the war, Germany lost about 13% of its territory in Europe while not all of its African colonies remained under its control. this was followed by a series of events that plunged the German Empire into the abyss of decline in 1932, Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Party won a special election he took over as Chancellor and Germany recaptured many lost territories after various battles the Germans had a habit of fighting so,

Germany invaded Poland in 1939 and then World War II started led by the Germans, the Allies conquered Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and France. this did not stop there however, the opposite army took all areas by fighting back. Allied forces enter Germany Hitler commits suicide, and Allies occupy Germany in 1945 and Germany was defeated Superpower Germany after WW2 Germany was divided into two parts one part occupied by the United States,

Britain, and their allies, known as West Germany here the system of capitalism came into vogue while, the other part was occupied by Russia which got the name of East Germany and socialism was introduced here Berlin was called the heart of Europe and the enemies of Germany attacked his heart and divided it into two parts the Germans remained divided for four decades but when the opportunity arose, they became one in just one week, the wall of Berlin fell then Germany was on October 3, 1990 the fall of the Berlin wall opened the door to development in Germany.

he government was fully operational in devastated Germany in 1999 and in the next ten years there was an economic revolution in Germany and Germany became an economic superpower let’s you here that people of German descent are present in large numbers in Scandinavian countries but about 50% of the world’s Germans live in Germany alone, with a population of about 80 million Economic Power Germany Germany is the fourth richest country in the world its assets are worth more than eighteen thousand two hundred and seventy four billion dollars which constitutes 4.4% of the world’s total financial resources according to a 2021 report of Forbes,

out of 3000 billionaires 136 are in Germany this count is on forth after USA, China and India It does not end here Germany ranks 18th in terms of per capita income and 7th in the list of the most prosperous countries if you make a list of the richest and richest countries in the world then, the country where people of German descent are present in large numbers that country is also not behind anyone in these countries Switzerland,

Denmark, Holland, Sweden, Great Britain, Austria, Iceland, Norway, Belgium are prominent where you would see development everywhere these are the people historians tell that they are German descents how did you find this Article about Germans, please let us know in comments. Thanks!

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