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Why Did The Mangol Empire Collapse? (Part 2)

Why Did The Mangol Empire Collapse? (Part 2)

Genghis Khan named his third son the charismatic okeyday a sin successor before he died in 1227 according to Mongol tradition Genghis Khan was buried in a secret location the agency was originally held by Agadez younger brother celui until agra is formal election in 1229 among his first actions agra send troops to subjugate the Boche piers morgan’s and other people in the steps in the east part of empire agra focused his attention in Manchuria to establish the order and in 1230 the great can personally

Why Did The Mangol Empire Collapse? (Part 2) | How Did The Mangol Empire Collapse? | What Are The Reasons For Mangol Empire Collapse?

led his army in the campaign against the Jin dynasty of China a great general Zapata captured the capital of Emperor union-shop soo in the siege of kaifeng in 1230 to the Jin dynasty collapsed in 1234 when the Mongols captured Chi su the town of which the Emperor had fled with the assistance of the Song Dynasty the Mongols finished the Jin in that year there was an attempt to annex the Korean Peninsula but it felt meanwhile the small kingdoms in Seoul and Persia were incorporated into the Empire Agra ordered to his nephew but who can to push into Eastern Europe one of his most important contributions

to this Empire this territory was called ruse a place where cities and small kingdoms were ruled by different dynasties the main force arrived at Ryazan in december 1237 Ryazan refused to surrender and the mongols sacked it the city and then stormed through other Russian cities other cities such as Novgorod in the north were not attacked due to the dense forest surrounding it however Novgorod acted as a tax collector for the Mongol Empire in the coming decades also the important city of Kiev was said any huge destruction of both population and city structures was left behind by 1240 all Kiev

Andrews had fallen to the invaders except for a few northern cities these conquests involved not only the ruse but Volga Bulgaria Poland Hungary Dalmatia and Falacci over the course of four years the mongols quickly over 30 most of the major Eastern European cities as a result of the successful invasions many of the conquered territories will become part of the Mongol Empire the Mongols continued to invade Central Europe one army defeated the Polish forces at the Battle of Legnica in 1241 two days later their armies regrouped and crushed the Hungarian army at the Battle of mobile

continuing their destruction and conquering large other cities and communities in Eastern Europe have witnessed their pillaging even if there were important military successes tensions continue to exist within the Mongol Rams battles relations cook organized eldest son and with Puri the grandson of jacket icon remained under tension and after battle huge success in Solon loose the relations worsened the mongol administration started to have their own issues especially in a matter of who’ll be next to the throne the fight

for power will continue from this time on but even so in this situation Guk and boo could not do anything to damage batas position as long as his ankle a gray or still alive the Great Khan continued his offenses in almost every direction even into the Indian subcontinent but invasions into India eventually fell and the Mongols were forced to fall back agree agreed to end conflict with Rio by making it a client state agreeing for some royal marriages although the Mongol forces were good in cavalry and city tax as they went further westward they became more and more inefficient many strongholds

had food stalls and water supplies but ready for the long siege battles the Mongol leader Audrey died in December 12:41 is that force the Mongol armies to have their westward expansion and after him power dispute started to exist in the Empire and this weakened their state which was already overextended on such vast territories from Agra is death in 1241 until 1246 the Mongol Empire was ruled under the Regency of a grass widow tourism captain she said staged for the nuke on her son Guk and he would take control in 1246 he an authorized nephew but who can both grandsons of genghis khan

fought bitterly for power Guk died in 1248 on the way to confront battle another nephew of a grace and so a third grandson of genghis khan’s monkey to control of the throne in 1251 with Parton’s approval in 12:55 one lane the monkeys reign but who had repaired his relations with the Great Khan and so finally felt secure enough to prepare invasions westward into Europe however he died before his plans could be implemented at the death of gangster the Empire was already huge enough that one ruler could not oversee the administrative aspects of each region the Great Khan realized this and created cannons

for his sons daughters and his future grandsons threw over the conquered territories in order to keep a constant rule of law mungus administrative policies extended to these regions often causing local arrests due to the Mongol occupation and taxation some connects and Regents were more closely linked to a centralized Mongol policies than others depending on their location who oversaw them and amount of resistance in each region it also should be noted that a vastness of the Empire had many religions and cultural traditions including Taoism Christianity Buddhism and Islam

these practices were often at odds with the canid rulers and their demands some of the most important tenets to exist under monkeys administration included the golden horde jagged icannot and ilkhanate monkey died while conducting war in China in the summer of 1259 he was possibly a victim of some disease however there are no confirmed records on the coast of his death he’s on acid I conducted him back to Mongolia to be very the rulers death sparkled before we here to lead civil war between his two younger brothers coog line and direct booking and also created more revision in the mongol

empire battles started to happen between the armies of kabul and those of his brother eric bakker who boy eliminated eric bakker supporters and he took control of the administration in Seoul and Mongolia other challenges started to happen between their cousins the Chagga Tate’s the Battle of Angela in 1260 was a turning point the Mongol advance had been bitten back in direct combat by the Mamluks and this marks to the beginning of the fragmentation of the Empire do tours over succession the grandchildren of Genghis Khan disputed whether the royal line should follow from the initial an ogre day or one of his other

sons Kublai Khan took power and he established the yuan dynasty in China but the civil war started again as we sold unsuccessfully to regain control of Genghis Khan’s order descendants in southwestern ilkhanate hulagu khan was loyal to his brother Kublai but clashes with their cousin barricade the ruler of the Golden Horde began in 1262 barricade also forged an alliance with Egyptian Mamluks against who Magoo and he supported eric bakker at the same time all the wars in the Mongol Empire greatly weakened the authority of the Great Khan and the Empire fractured into autonomous than independent cannons only

the ellika night remained loyal to the yuan Court but entered its own power struggles in part because of a dispute with a growing Islamic factions the four Kenites continue to develop separately and function as independent states Kublai came to regard himself as a Chinese emperor more than anything else and similarly to all the dominions developed on lines which are less and less Mongol this happened in order Kenites due to the fact that various Khan’s converted to other religions gradually the Mongol

Empire finally broke up into four remaining components the urine of China established by the Kublai Khan the Chagin aid of Central Asia the ilkhanate of Middle East and the Golden Horde each one of them will collapse at their own time but these implants are a subject for another videos which will probably come in the near future the Mongol Empire grew to its great extent and then fragmented in less than 100 years but its impact on wolf was huge the Mongol Empire dissolved

but a whole world never forgot Genghis Khan we want to thank you so much for watching this video and to remind you to subscribe if you haven’t already and also click the bell button to be notified when a new video is uploaded and we cannot end this video without thanking to our he but general supporters on patreon where you can to support our channel for more videos and more policy you

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