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Yalniz kurt Episode 2 Urdu subtitles Free

Watch and Download Yalniz kurt Episode 2 Urdu Subtitles By Dirilis UHD 1080p For Free. Yalniz kurt all latest Episodes On Top 20 Series

Yalniz kurt Episode 2 Urdu subtitles Free

Yalniz kurt Episode 2 Urdu subtitles Free

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Yalniz kurt Episode 2 Urdu subtitles Free

Altay is developed now and in an unlawful battle club, he beat his husky American rival in a short time. Esra, the lady whom Doğan, the proprietor of the club, adored, likewise came to watch the battle that evening, however we comprehend that she is additionally a profoundly enthusiastic individual from the vagrant wolves. Esra left Doğan with a reason and left her confidant, who was educated that “Fettah Dahhak’s men are after the Lightning Venture”, to kick the bucket, and passed on the spot to safeguard her little girl Ela.

Altay Kurtoğlu saved Esra, who caused problems while leaving the spot. Altay left Esra in the cottage of the elderly person, the main individual he confided throughout everyday life, and set off to track down Esra’s girl, Ela. In the interim, Ela has effectively taken asylum in the place of Auntie Saadet, with whom she and her mom had recently concurred. Whenever Esra, who went to Saadet Teyze’s home to get her little girl, saw Doğan before her, she got back to Doğan, frantic to guard her little girl.

After Esra persuaded Doğan that she was fleeing to shield her girl from Nizam, the telephone rang and Nizam brought Doğan to his “office”. While Doğan was going to Nizam to stand up to him, Altay went into the house and fled with Esra. In the mean time, Esra was shot by one of Doğan’s men. Altay is defenseless once more, when he takes Esra to the elderly person’s cabin, he understands that Esra was shot, however it was past the point of no return.

Altay, who hit the streets after Esra said ‘carry my girl to me’, gained from the elderly person that Esra had inhaled her rearward in the disconnected spot where Ela was taken. Altay, who dove into the spot truly, was frightened by the firearm laying on his head. On the opposite finish of the firearm, he saw Esra, who was headed for save his little girl.


YEAR 1963
First Lieutenant Davut Bahadır composed a report on ‘Fettah Dahhak’ in Erzurum, where he served. His family, adolescence, youth, early spying exercises were all present in the reports. Fettah met a youthful commandant, Davut Bahadır, where Dahhak, a snake that gulped everybody in folklore, began to sprout.

Davut Bahadır, otherwise known as the Elderly person! He accepted that Altay Kurtoğlu, whose name he gave himself, would battle him against Goliath. In the last scene of the series, the words “The legend starts once more” from Davut’s mouth expanded the interest of what might occur in the new episodes.

Revealing insight into Turkey’s new history; It will cover the overthrows, double-crossings, murders, political agitation and illegal intimidation that have happened since the appearance of the American Harmony Corps in Turkey. The cast of the series, which pulled in extraordinary consideration with its presentations, incorporates fruitful names like Cihan Ünal, Hasan Denizyaran, Damla Colbay, Murat Han and Polat Bilgin.

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