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Kurulus Osman Episode 100 (Season 4 Episode 2) English Subtitle

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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 2 English Subtitle Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 100, Bayindir and Oktem go to see Yenisehir. Bayindir begins to ponder Osman’s decisions and Oktem warns him, realizing that Bayindir desperately wants to make more money. Right before the meeting, Osman went to his room and prayed to Allah. Kantakuzenos tried to convince the Byzantine Emperor to attack Osman, but the Emperor refused, expressing his desire for peace in the region and wanting to negotiate a new agreement with Osman.

During the meeting, Osman announced the new mission to some of the Beys present. He appointed Orhan Karacahisar Bey and advised Aladdin to continue his education. Aladdin was slightly annoyed by the decision but did not voice his concerns. Aktemur was appointed police chief and Oktem advised Bayindir to stay calm and not ask more questions.

Meanwhile, Osman was preparing some of his soldiers for Constantinople. Malhun is delighted to learn of Orhan’s new mission, while Bala is worried that Aladdin has not received the quest yet and plans to discuss it with Osman. As Turgut and the soldiers prepare for a secret mission, Ulgen arrives and offers them food, attempting to talk to Cerkutay, who eventually received the food.

Kantakuzenos decided to solve the problem himself and plotted to kill the Emperor and then attack the Turks. However, Osman foiled his plan and saved the Emperor from traitors. Kantakuzenos realizes his plan won’t work and captures the Sentaur to save himself.

After the events, Osman and his soldiers reached a small harbor and sailed from there by boat. Meanwhile, Malhun inspects some saddles made by Bengi’s tribe and expresses his displeasure with their quality. Alcicek arrives and competes with Aktemur to prove that the saddle is good enough. Alcicek won the horse race, confirming the quality of the saddle.

Saga learns of Osman’s upcoming visit to Yenisehir and sets the trap. However, Osman realized the trap when he re-entered the city and launched an attack on the Vikings. 

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