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kurulus Osman: Episode 164 – Urdu Subtitle, Last Episode Season 5

The second trailer for Episode 164 of “Establishment Osman” has been quickly published on our website. This popular ATV series, starring Burak Özçivit and Yıldız Çağrı Atiksoy, will air its new episode on Wednesday, June 12, at 20:00.

Upcoming Trailers and Episode Highlights

Will other trailers for Establishment Osman be released this week?

Yes, additional trailers featuring our country’s beloved actors, including Burak Özçivit and Yıldız Çağrı Atiksoy, are anticipated to be released this week. Stay tuned to our frequently updated page for the latest updates and insights.

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Episode Summary

What’s next for Osman Bey and Commander Konstantin?

Osman Bey and Commander Konstantin are locked in a tense confrontation, each determined to emerge victorious. The fate of Byzantium and the Turkish state hangs in the balance.

Key Plot Points:

  1. Osman Bey’s Strategic Moves:
  • Osman Bey is poised to continue his relentless struggle against Konstantin. His first strategic move against Konstantin will set the tone for the upcoming conflict. Fans are eager to see how Osman Bey will outmaneuver his formidable opponent.
  1. Gonca Hatun and Mehmet Bey:
  • Gonca Hatun falls ill, prompting concern from Mehmet Bey. This situation may thaw the icy relationship between the siblings. Viewers are curious to see if this crisis will bring them closer together.
  1. Holofira’s True Allegiances:
  • Konstantin receives a letter revealing that Holofira is working for Osman Bey. This revelation could have significant repercussions. What actions will Konstantin take against Holofira after uncovering this betrayal?
  1. Elçim Hatun’s Peril:
  • A scheme targeting Elçim Hatun, involving Holofira’s exposure, unfolds. Will Elçim Hatun survive this deadly game? Bala Hatun’s reaction to these events will be crucial, as she navigates the unfolding drama.
  1. Osman Bey vs. Konstantin:
  • Konstantin is plotting to defeat Osman Bey. The episode will explore how Osman Bey plans to escape the traps laid by Konstantin and what countermeasures he will employ to protect his people.

What Happened in the Last Episode?

In the previous episode, Osman Bey and Commander Konstantin came face to face in a dramatic showdown. The stakes were high, with the survival of Byzantium and the Turkish state on the line.

Fan Reactions

Fans are eagerly discussing the trailer and speculating about the upcoming episode. The show’s blend of historical context and intense drama has garnered a loyal following. Viewers are particularly intrigued by the strategic battles and character developments teased in the trailer.


“Establishment Osman” continues to captivate its audience with its compelling historical narrative and dramatic twists. Episode 164 promises to be another thrilling installment, offering viewers a mix of strategic battles, personal conflicts, and unexpected developments. Fans can look forward to a captivating episode that deepens the story and sets the stage for future events.

Stay tuned to our website for the latest updates and trailers. Don’t miss the new episode on Wednesday, June 12, at 20:00 on ATV!

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