Kurulus Osman Season 5

Kurulus Osman 152 Season 5 [Urdu, English] | Will Olivia Get Caught?

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Assalam Alaikum to those who love to watch the Establishment Osman series! Friends Establishment Osman will tell you in today’s video regarding Kurulus Osman 152 Season 5 how Malhun Khatun and the people of Qai tribe will know that Holofira is innocent and Holofira has no hand in the poisoning. Will defeat? Besides, Ayesha Khatoon was poisoned and now what will happen to Ayesha Khatun?

Must watch the video till the end to know all this interesting and important information and if you have not subscribed our channel yet then subscribe our channel now. Friends, if you talk about Holofira, Malhun and the others think that Holofira and her aunt are here under some plan, but Holofira has no hand in it, her aunt is using Holofira as a slave.

Kurulus Osman 152 Season 5 [Urdu, English] | Will Olivia Get Caught?

Kurulus Osman 152 Season 5

And everyone was suspecting Olivia and Holofira, that’s why Olivia has been locked up in jail because of suspicion. And this spy will tell everything after being caught that Holofira is innocent and Imran Tageen and Olivia were behind all these plans. Friends, talk about Osman Bey and Imran Tagin, Imran Tagin seems to be doing heavy damage to Osman Bey,

but soon the end of Imran Tagin is also near. Because Osman Bey said in the last episode that only one of us will survive and in the trailer it can be seen that the aid that was being sent by Aljaito Khan to Imran Tagin, Orhan attacked the Mongols and killed them. has been eliminated and Imran Tagin will take a wrong step out of anger and it will benefit Osman Bey, and Osman Bey will defeat Imran Tagin and soon the end of Imran Tagin is also near.

Kurulus Osman 152

Talk about Ayesha Khatun, she was poisoned in the last episode, we think nothing will happen to Ayesha Khatun, Alauddin has got the poison that was given to Ayesha Khatun, so Alaauddin will be able to find the antidote to the poison and the cure.

After Ayesha Khatun will be fine and there is no news about the actress playing the role of Ayesha Khatun that the actress is leaving the series. So friends this was our short video today, if you like the video then please like the video, see you in the new video with new information, till then Allah bless you.

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